Directions: Match the character with the correct characteristic. Answers may be used more than once.

_____1. Andy’s little brother A. Andy

_____2. calls Andy’s home with concerns about his grades B. Robbie

_____3. six years old C. B.J.

_____4. has a “bad” dream in which Rob comes to visit him D. Tyrone

_____5. Andy’s psychologist E. Monty

_____6. his parents always go to the basketball games AB. Keisha

_____7. his parents rarely go to the basketball games AC. Rhonda

_____8. basketball player not in the accident AD. Mr. Ripley

_____9. new basketball team captain AE. Ms. Blackwell

_____10. driver of the car during the accident BC. Dr. Carrothers

_____11. coaches the Hazelwood basketball team BD. Gerald

_____12. passenger who died in the accident

_____13. Andy’s girlfriend

_____14. passenger who doesn’t drink

_____15. master of ceremonies for the talent show

_____16. Tyrone’s girlfriend

_____17. is abused by his step-father

_____18. encourages Andy to write the letter to Rob’s parents

_____19. likes girls with yellow hair

_____20. sponsors two S.A.D.D. groups at school

_____21. starts attending church again because of the accident

True or False (5 points) A. TRUE B. FALSE

_____22. Andy has a good relationship with his parents.

_____23. The driver of the car purposely got in the accident to kill his friend because he was jealous.

_____24. When Andy yelled at Keisha at the talent show, he was trying to break up with her.

_____25. Christmas reminds Andy of Rob and makes him sad.

_____26. In Andy’s letter to Rob’s parents he just apologizes over, and over, and over.

Directions: Who said each of the following quotes? Choose form the answer bank at the top. Each name will be used only once.

a. Andy’s dad b. Monty c. Gerald d. B.J.

27._____ “Dear Lord, this is me, ______. You know, the one You made too short”

28._____ “I drew a picture last week at school, and the teacher wanted to know why I put tears on my tiger.

29._____ “When I was growing up, kids called me “Zeke” and even “Eazy,” and I hated it.”

30._____ “If I could change the world, I would get rid of peanut butter, Band-Aids, and five dollar bills.”

31. Andy and Rob had been friends since

A. seventh grade B. freshman year C. kindergarten D. they were toddlers

32. What did Andy tell the psychologist that he found taped to his locker?

A. dead cat B. note that said “killer” C. picture of Rob D. note from his mom

33. This story takes place at Hazelwood High School. This is known as the:

a. setting b. plot c. climax d. conflict

34. What physical characteristic of the psychologist makes him easy for Andy to relate to?

A. he’s tall B. he has brown eyes C. his nice smile D. he’s black

35. Which one of the following is a textual style the author uses to tell the story?

a. newspaper articles b. homework assignments c. prayers d. all of the above

36. Which one of the following is NOT someone Andy trusts with his feelings?

a. Coach Ripley b. Keisha c. Dr. Carrothers d. his dad

37. What kind of music do the teachers wish wasn’t going to be played at the talent show?

A. rap B. country C. rock & roll D. trance

38. Why didn’t Andy turn in the poem he wrote for a grade in Ms. Blackwell’s class?

a. he wants his grade to go down b. he decided it was too personal to share

c. he didn’t write one d. because he hates Mrs. Blackwell so much

39. Andy is a tiger with tears in his eyes. This is an example of:

a. metaphor b. simile c. alliteration d. onomatopoeia e. personification

40. Andy says he feels like he is drowning in an ocean. This is an example of :

a. metaphor b. simile c. alliteration d. onomatopoeia e. personification

41. Andy always applies himself in school. This is:

a. True b. false

42. “Tyrone trusts Rhonda.” is an example of:

a. metaphor b. simile c. alliteration d. onomatopoeia e. personification

43. At the end of the story, who do the grief counselors tell the students to write a letter to?

A. Rob B. their parents C. Andy D. the principal

44. How does Andy die?

A. hit by a car B. shoots himself C. overdoses D. choked by Keisha

45. Who is the last person to talk to Andy after his death?

a. Keisha B. B.J. C. Monty D. his mom