Royal Norwegian Embassy, New Delhi


All applicants applying for a tourist visa should submit the application in person.

Prepare all the necessary documents before you deliver the application to the Embassy, otherwise the application might be returned.

All documents have to be translated into English or Norwegian. If necessary, the verification should be made by Indian Ministry of External Affairs.

The Embassy may contact the applicant to request additional documents.

Please tick off  and sign below to confirm which documents you have submitted. Attach the Document Checklist to your application and deliver the application in following order to the embassy:

/ Passport/Travel document shall have been issued within the previous 10 years & should be valid for 90 days after expiry of the visa with at least two blank pages. / 
/ Passport photo (white background) not older than six months (35-40MM). / 
/ Application form for Schengenvisa duly completed. / 
/ Applicant's "Applicant Information Form", duly completed. / 
/ Documents confirming employment, private business, school or studies; a permission for leave: (including the address, telephone no). / 
/ Copy of bank account(s) for the last 6 months in the originalandone photocopy. / 
/ Confirmation of accommodation in Norway / 
/ Copyof your passport (allrelevant and used pages). / 
/ Confirmed booking (travel itinerary) of roundtrip air ticket, with fixed travel dates of maximum 90 days (Do not buy the ticket until visa has been granted. Note: If the application is approved, the visa will be issued according to the dates on the booking). / 
/ Amedical travel insurance is required with a minimum coverage of €30.000 which should be valid for 15 days after the return from the Schengen area. / 
12. / If you are under 18, you must also submit:
-If you are travelling alone - An original letter of consent signed by both parents and a copy of their passport (first & last page)/marriage certificate.
-If you are travelling with only one of your parents - An original letter of consent from the other parent and a copy of his/her passport (first & last page).
-If the parent you are travelling with has single custody – Acopy of the certificate of single custody
Processing fee – draft in the name of “Royal Norwegian Embassy, New Delhi” payable at any branch in New Delhi with two photocopies.
a)0-6 years No visa fee
b)6-12 years 1800 INR
c)Above 12 years 3700 INR
If submitting the application in-
Mumbai - Royal Norwegian Consulate General, Mumbai
Chennai - Royal Norwegian Consulate, Chennai
Kolkata - Royal Norwegian Consulate Kolkata / 

Supporting documentation must be submitted together with the application, by the applicant personally.

After receiving the forms and relevant documents, the Embassy will taketen working daysto process the application.


I hereby confirm that I personally have submitted this application for a visa and that all information stated in the application and the supporting documentation is true. I am aware that providing incorrect information or falsified documents deliberately are punishable acts by Norwegian law.
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Rev 12.09.2018