Chapter 4 Questions (16 points) You will also take the same test on Schoology

1.  Give a few synonyms for the word ‘Concept’.

2.  In your own words, explain ‘Concept’ in a sentence or two.

3.  Consider the following scenario -

The lab G104, has two doors, none of which close properly unless slammed.

The teacher prefers students entering and exiting the back door (the one near the tall blue cabinets). The reasons for her preference are that the back is more spacious and will prevent student being cramped and will enable the teacher to occasionally stand near the door to greet students as they enter or exit and secondly she only has to worry about one door being shut properly for security reasons.

Several months went by, the teacher got tired of repeating herself and the students forgot to continue with her request and she found the front door left open a few times upon her return the next day.
She believed that a drastic solution was necessary and decided to incorporate her request as a ‘must’ class procedure with a consequence of 10 points being taken off of a student grade for every occurrence of breaking this rule.

This practical solution seemed to work on 99% of the students.

Now, answer ‘a’, ’ b’ and ‘c’ -

a.  identify, the problem, the idea or concept

b.  State teacher’s solution to resolve the problem

c.  Invent your own practical solution

4.  Read about illusion on page 109 then, study the two images on the opposite side of the page. And then –

a.  in your own words, describe what illusion is.

b.  think of an illusion that you might like to create.

Please note:

Keep your concept safe as you might want to create it for real later, in Photoshop.

5.  With Graphic Design in mind, explain metaphor and give an example (other than the ones in the book).

6.  The author talks about ‘visual flavor’. Explain what he means.

7.  Read ‘Type design’ again. Then, communicate the words ‘Quiet’ and ‘Noisy’ by designing creatively. (either on computer or paper)

8.  If sincerity in design is telling the truth, what is irony and how does it differ from metaphor?