QuikMap: Google Maps Utility - Obtaining a Static Map API Key

January 28, 2014

The Google Maps utility employs the Google Static Maps imagery request service. The utility has always attempted to impose limits in number of image requests as dictated by Google’s terms of usage. These terms have previously only addressed one type of user who was identified by their IP Address. Usage was generally defined as 1000 image tiles per 24 hour period.

Due to recent changes in the usage terms by Google, there are now two types of user. One is the standard user identified by IP Address as before. The other is identified by a string of characters referred to as an API key. The new tile limits and request rates are as follows:

When using an API key:

- 25,000 Static Maps requests per 24 hour period

Without an API key:

- 1,000 Static Maps requests per IP address per 24 hour period

- 50 Static Maps requests per IP address per minute


Disclaimer–Before following the instructions below, note that the user is solely responsible for obtaining their API key and the obligations that Google imposes on their use.

API keys can be obtained by a Google Gmail account holder. If you do not have a Gmail account, you can create one at (

How to set up an account to receive the API key:

1)Visit login to Gmail account

2)Select ‘Create Project’

3)Assign a ‘Project name’ and select ‘Create’ – if Project ID field is blank, press the refresh button to auto-generate a unique Project ID

4)This will direct you to the Project page – From here, select ‘APIs & auth’ on the left hand side of the screen

5)Scroll down to find ‘Static Maps API’ and select the ‘OFF’ button to toggle to ‘ON’

6)Once ‘ON’, go to the ‘Credentials’ page

7)Select ‘Create New Key’ under Public API access and choose ‘Server Key’

8)From here, enter your local IP address and create

  1. If you do not know your IP address, go to the Windows Start button and search “Command Prompt”
  2. Within the Command Prompt dialog, type “ipconfig” and hit enter
  3. Enter this ‘IPv4 Address’ into the dialog box to generate a server API key

Once completed, the API key will appear to the right of the ‘Public API access’ segment on the webpage. Finally, copy & paste this code into the Google Maps Utility page at the bottom.

*Note: a ‘Charges’ field will be displayed to the left of each project name. In order for Google to bill users, the ‘Enable Billing’ option must first be turned on under Project – Settings – Enable Billing. Users will not be billed if this feature is left alone; it is intended more so for API’s other than the Static Map API described here.