Tuck Everlasting

Choose the answer that best completes the sentence.

1. The story begins in ______.

a.  spring

b.  1802

c.  August

d.  the 21st century

2.  The name of the town is ______.

a.  The Gap

b.  Treetown

c.  Fosterville

d.  Treegap

3.  Mae’s husband, Tuck, ______.

a.  would rather be sleeping

b.  is excited about the visit too

c.  is more concerned about breakfast

d.  got up with Mae to help her get ready

4.  Winnie Foster talks to a toad because ______.

a.  she is a very outgoing, friendly child

b.  her mother and grandmother sent her outside to play

c.  she is angry

d.  she likes toads

5.  Winnie is upset because ______.

a.  her mother and grandmother treat her like a child

b.  she wants to go to play in the forest

c.  she wants to play outside and no one will let her

d.  she isn’t allowed to talk to toads

6.  The stranger stops to speak to Winnie to find out______.

a.  who lives in the forest

b.  if she knows the Tuck family

c.  if she likes catching fireflies

d.  information about a family for which he is searching

7.  The sound that interrupts the conversation between Winnie’s grandmother and the stranger is that of ______, according to the grandmother.

a.  a music box

b.  the band

c.  elves

d.  the radio

8.  The following morning Winnie is still upset and decides to ______.

a.  run away forever

b.  find the toad and talk again

c.  go to the forest and maybe even run away

d.  go tell the stranger of her adventures

9.  In the clearing of the forest, Winnie finds ______.

a.  another toad

b.  the stranger

c.  Mae Tuck

d.  Jesse Tuck

10.  When it is discovered that Winnie knows of the Tuck’s secret water, Mae ______.

a.  panics and screams

b.  shakes Winnie, making her promise never to tell

c.  tosses Winnie onto the horse, taking her with them

d.  sends her home to her parents

11.  When Winnie does begin to cry, Mae calms her with ______.

a.  candy

b.  the music box

c.  a ride on the horse

d.  a hug

12.  How long ago had the Tucks drunk the water?

a.  eighty years

b.  one hundred years

c.  ninety-five years

d.  eighty-seven years

13.  Tuck’s reaction to Winnie is that of ______.

a.  worry

b.  happiness

c.  anger

d.  sorrow

14.  The Tuck home is full of wooden toys, bowls, spoons, and forks for them to ______.

a.  use

b.  give away

c.  sell

d.  share with Winnie

15.  How often did the Tuck boys come home to visit their parents?

a.  every year

b.  once every other year

c.  every August

d.  every ten years, the first week in August

16.  Tuck took Winnie to the pond because ______.

a.  it would be a good place to talk

b.  it was a possessed and would help them find answers

c.  they could get away from Jesse and Miles

d.  he needed to go fishing

17.  At the end of Tuck and Winnie’s talk, why was Miles so “excited”?

a.  He was hungry and wanted the fish to eat

b.  He wanted to see Winnie

c.  He feared for their safety

d.  Someone had taken their horse

18.  Throughout the night, Winnie is visited by three of the Tucks. Who came to see her?

a.  Jesse, Miles, Mae

b.  Jesse, Tuck, Miles

c.  Mae, Tuck, Jesse

d.  Tuck, Mae, Miles

19.  When Jesse comes to visit Winnie, he wants to talk to her about ______.

a.  marrying him right away so that they would be together

b.  drinking the water the next day

c.  drinking the water and marrying him when she is older

d.  going back home to her family

20.  The stranger in the yellow suit talks to the Fosters about where Winnie is and convinces them that they should give him ______in exchange for the information.

a.  money

b.  a horse

c.  the woods by Treegap

d.  the water from the spring so that he may stay young


21.  ______went with the stranger to the Tuck’s to get Winnie.

a.  Her father

b.  Jesse

c.  The constable

d.  No one

22.  Miles tells Winnie about his daughter, Anna, and that ______.

a.  she hated fishing

b.  she was dead now

c.  he used to take her fishing

d.  she was afraid of fish

23.  The stranger arrives at the Tuck house to ______.

a.  safely return Winnie to her home because he is so worried about her

b.  trick them into giving Winnie back to her family

c.  steal their horse again

d.  convince them to tell him where the “fountain of youth” was in the woods

24.  Mae Tuck is so upset with the stranger she ______.

a.  hits him with a gun

b.  shoots him with the gun

c.  kicks him in the knee

d.  threatens to arrest him

25.  After Mae dealt with the stranger, the constable ______.

a.  thanked her

b.  left and went back to Treegap

c.  told her she was a good shot

d.  took her to jail

26.  Who comes to see Winnie to tell her of the Tuck’s plan?

a.  Miles

b.  the constable

c.  Jesse

d.  Tuck

27.  What does Jessie bring to Winnie and why?

a.  a bottle of the water so that she may drink it in order to be with him

b.  a gun so that she can protect herself

c.  a toad because she loves them so much

d.  news of the death of the stranger because they would kill Mae for it

28.  Once Mae is out of her cell, ______.

a.  Winnie is boosted into the cell

b.  the Tucks run away with Winnie

c.  Winnie begins to cry

d.  the constable catches them

29.  Winnie returns home and saves the toad by ______.

a.  moving him out of the road

b.  taking him home

c.  putting the water on him

d.  taking him back outside