Privacy & Personal Information Policies and Consent

At Broadmead Area Residents’ Association (BARA) we are committed to protecting the member and volunteer personal information that we collect and maintain to allow us to provide services and communicate with you. This notice outlines how we collect, hold, use, and disclose your personal information. Please read this notice carefully as it is required by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (Canada) and the Personal Information Protection Act (BC).

What is personal information?

It is information that would allow a specific individual to be identified. It may include your name, address, telephone number, Social Insurance Number, date of birth, and financial information, as well as the name, address, Social Insurance Number, date of birth, and financial information of your spouse or children.

When is personal information collected?

It is collected when you become a member of BARA; when you become a volunteer with BARA; as part of disclosure in the normal course of making an inquiry or registering a complaint with BARA; when you ask BARA to act as your agent in addressing a specific situation; and when you renew your membership.

Where is personal information stored?

Your personal information is processed and stored in electronic format in the personal computers of individual Board members and in paper format in files in the offices or homes of individual Board members and/or in a secure section of the BARA website, as needed.

Why is personal information collected, held, used and disclosed?

For the following purposes. To:

·  Identify and ensure the accuracy of personal information.

·  Assess and address a situation as described in BARA’s constitution and bylaws.

·  Advise you of outcomes and options.

·  Establish and maintain contact.

·  Send you information.

·  Remind you of upcoming events.

·  to communicate with other organizations or service providers on your behalf;

·  Allow BARA to effectively follow up for evaluation and billing.

·  Invoice for memberships and services and process payments.

·  Collect unpaid accounts.

·  Comply with all regulatory and legal requirements including court orders, statutory requirements to advise authorities of child abuse, and reporting individuals who may be an imminent threat to harm themselves or others.

Who has access to personal information at BARA?

BARA board members and volunteers may have access to personal information; provided they have a specific need to know this information for the administration of their duties. BARA does not give, rent or sell any personal information to any organization or individual unless required by law. BARA may convey your personal information to another organization or service provider with your specific consent.

Can people access their personal information and correct any inaccurate information?

Individuals may make a written request to access their personal information contained in a BARA file at any time. Individuals may verify their personal information and correct any inaccurate information in writing.

What happens if an individual’s personal information is compromised or privacy is breached?

All privacy breaches will be dealt with on an individual basis and the response will be specific to the circumstances involving the breach. In all cases, individuals will be informed immediately that a breach has occurred and all reasonable steps will be taken to contain the breach and mitigate any damage.

Who should be contacted about Personal Information Protection and Privacy matters?

You may contact the Privacy Compliance Officer by mail at:

Broadmead Area Residents’ Association, Box 53527 Broadmead RPO, Victoria, BC V8X 5K2

What is the Register of Members?

The Register of Members for BARA consists of the names and physical home addresses of members of the association.

Who has access to the Register of Members?

The distribution of the Register of Members is restricted by Section 25 (1) of the B.C. Societies Act to those members who apply to inspect the Register under Section 25 of the B.C. Societies Act.

The President of BARA will take on the role of Privacy Compliance Officer.

Updated June 2017