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CPPHSA4005A Course Enrolment

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This enrolment is for the course CPPHSA4005A Minimise health, safety and security when assessing home sustainability.
You will undertake this course On-Line using the Education In Buildingself-paced learning portal.
Please charge the COURSE FEE of$420.00(GST free) to my:
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Employment Details
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Cultural diversity language
Where you born in Australia? / Yes / No
If no, which country where you born?
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Do you consider yourself to have a permanent disability, impairment or a long-term condition?
Was your schooling in: / Australia
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If outside of Australia, Name of country
What was the highest completed school level?
Completed Year 12
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Study Reason
Please choose one of the following categories that best describes your main reason for undertaking this course.
To get a job
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To try for a different career
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I wanted extra skills for my job
To into another course of study
For personal interest or self development
Other reasons

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