Inventor Project for “The Kids’ Invention Book”

For this chapter, instead of having a test we will be working on a project about inventors. This subject provides many interesting things for you whether you just want to find out who invented your favorite item at home or if you want to get your hands dirty and create something yourself. With that in mind, you can choose one of these three things to complete as your project.

  1. Write a short research paper about your favorite inventor (we will cover the format in class). You can pick by choosing a person who you’d like to know more about or find a person based on an invention you’re interested in.
  1. Make a plaque, commemorating your inventor and their accomplishments. This can be drawn, but thought must be put into it. Make sure it looks like an award that you would like to receive if you created something important.
  1. You can begin your own career as an inventor by choosing a problem or inconvenience that needs to be corrected and design the solution. Remember, many inventors also achieved recognition by modifying or improving an existing invention.

The project will begin on Monday, March 13th and be due on Friday, March 17th. You will be given time in class for research and design (R&D in the business world). Good luck inventors.

Not Standard
1 / Near Standard
2 / Standard
3 / Standard Plus
Knowledge of
Subject / No relevant
facts / Some facts
relevant / Most facts
relevant / All facts
Amount of thought
And work put in / Carelessly put
together / Care taken
with part of
project / Care taken
with most
of project / Well thought
out and put
Timeliness / 3 Days late / 2 Days late / 1 Day Late / On Time