Dear xxx

I trust you are well.

I’d like to introduce you to a product and a company that I think would be of interest. Following the rising demand from clients wishing to build their long term income, I think this product could potentially compliment your existing financial portfolio.

Based in UK, with offices across Asia and Middle East, Prosperity sell discounted UK property via range of payment plans, resulting in long term rental income. Properties are principally one and two bedroomed apartments across areas in the UK where rental demand is consistently strong, attracting a far reaching commuter/ family/ young professional rental market.

Due to the way the product is structured, buyers are open to heavily discounted property - at a rate otherwise only available to funds. It’s actually the only property savings plan on the market today which enables buyers to own the underlying property yet still pay monthly.

The key benefits are

No lump sum required

No time investment required – it’s a totally hands off investment

Knowledge of the area not required by you – they’ve been in the industry for over 20 years

There are a couple of ways in which the property can be purchased. Each plan is designed to suit your current financial circumstances.

One such example is the 'Monthly and Mortgage Plan’ :

Pay a 3% reservation fee (minimum of £3000) plus £500 legal fees. Your 30% deposit is then divided by the number of build term months and paid on a monthly basis.

Going back to our conversation, and recognising your desire to keep your lump sums as they are, I thought this might be something to look at, allowing you to invest in a low risk asset in your home country.

All of the options above allow you to build your deposit over the term of the build, which offers maximum return on investment and would allow you to retain the capital you have secured in yourXXX.

There are a couple of properties I’d like to talk to you about, particularly their latest development in XXX UK. There’s every indication that rental demand within this region will continue to hold its strength, which is why I think this property investment could be a very strong investment opportunity for you.

Are you free this week to talk more?

All the best,