Sabden and Whalley Medical Group

Minutes of the Practice patient participation group meeting

held at whalley medical centre on the 2 September 2014 at 6.30pm


Pauline Stewart Joyce Holgate Vera Pearson Dorothy Dawes

Katie Read Denis Teulon Marion Teulon Margaret Harrison

Dr Taslim Lorgat Gordon Dixon Maureen Sadler Shirley Baxter

Dr Arrian Green Janine Telfer Christine Bullamore Stephen Finn

Tasma Valinakis Susan Lockett

Apologies for absence

Apologies of absence were received from Melrose Diack, Doreen Street, Morag White, Anthony Galea, Margaret Boden and Mary Bloy.

Pauline also informed the group that since the last meeting Mary Bloy had decided to leave the group.

Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting had been distributed to all members of the Patient Participation Group. It was highlighted that Marion Teulon had not been present at the previous meeting and it was agreed that the minutes would be amended accordingly.

outstanding actions

A member of the Cancer Local Incentive Scheme Team had visited to surgery and had decided that there was insufficient space to locate a Cancer Information Point. Pauline had advised that they speak to Joyce Holgate about other possible locations e.g. Whalley library.

introduction to new gp trainees

Dr Arrian Green and Dr Taslim Lorgat introduced themselves to the group and gave a brief outline of their previous specialties and placements.

Pauline also informed the group that the Practice had recruited a new Practice Nurse, Deborah Shepherd to replace Mary Singleton. Debbie will be working 33 hours per week and is very experienced in chronic diseases.

HELP Direct scheme

Pauline informed the group that the Ribblesdale Locality had just recruited an Over 75 years Community Matron Specialist and that Sabden and Whalley Medical Group are going to be the host Practice however she will work across the Ribblesdale Locality. This is a new post and she will be responsible for a caseload of around one hundred patients with complex needs.

After the Flu Vaccination Campaign the Practice will be sending screening invites for Health and Social Wellbeing Screening to patients aged over 75 years who do not attend the Practice.

Tasma Valinakis (Help Direct) gave an introduction on the role of Help Direct and the service they aim to provide. The group gave feedback on the Help Direct Questionnaire. Tasma agreed to take their suggestions into consideration and thanked the group for their input. The group raised some concerns about support being immediately accessible when needed. Tasma verified that there are a number of outreach workers available if required but the majority of needs can be addressed by signposting patients to the correct agencies over the telephone or by meeting them at community centres.

engagement meeting/focus group

Susan Lockett informed the group that she was a member of ‘Critical Friends of NHS East Lancashire’ a group which is heavily involved with the CCG. The CCG had invited patients to attend two meetings (Whalley on the 3 September 2014 and Clitheroe on the 5 September 2014) to feedback on the redesign of patient services to reflect and efficiently meet the needs of the local community.

Local housing developments

Marion Teulon raised concerns about proposed housing developments in the area. Joyce Holgate had brought the relevant figures to the meeting showing that permission had already been granted for approximately 1500 properties.

Pauline confirmed that the Practice had received letter regarding the proposed housing developments. The Practice could accommodate more patients if it introduced more flexible surgeries and greater utilised the facilities at Sabden Surgery. Pauline had written to NHS England for further support and advice and was still awaiting a response.

Regarding the proposed development in Langho, Pauline felt that it was most likely that the Practice would be unable to accept patients moving into the properties but would not ask any existing patients already registered to leave the Practice.

The group discussed the housing situation at length. Susan Lockett proposed that where necessary the PPG should act as a conduit to echo the Practice’s concerns about accommodating the increasing list size.

Care Quality Commissioning

Marion Teulon had requested for this item to be added to the agenda as she wished to declare an interest in her role as part of the CQC inspection team. Stephen Finn also informed the group that he had undertaken the role of Expert by Experience as part of the CQC inspection team.

any other business

Pauline informed the group that the Flu Vaccination clinics would be starting on the 1 October 2014 however due to funding reminder letter would not be sent this year. The Practice had been promoting the clinics where possible with displays, posters and messages on the website and Jayex board. Dorothy Dawes suggested that the Practice should approach the local press to advertise the clinics and it was also suggested that posters be displayed in Whalley and Read libraries.

The next meeting was scheduled for Wednesday 3 December 2014 at 6.30pm.