Harper Park Middle School PTA

Meeting Minutes

October 8, 2015

Meeting Called to order: 9:07am

Meeting Adjourned: 9:44am

Call to Order–Victoria Krahulec, Vice -President


-Introductions of all in attendance

Principal’s Report,Ginger Minchew (interium Principal while B.Robinson is away)

  • Backpack Buddies – company wants to donate $300 toward program, they can HPMS is a 501C status, & can specify where the funds go

TreasurerReport– Cheryl Kasper

Revised budget is going to be on the website

$170 in $5 gift cards to Susan Lang for rewarding children

$5295 – deposited for Membership, but over $8000 in total w/donations

Need to order about 20 cinch sack bags

Company’s match PTA donations, put on the form for next year and the one that is on the website, as well as on the email from Beth

Target is stopping the contribution program w/RedCard

$500 donation from Lansdowne Orthodontics

Case of paper has been received

$229.89 – total cost of Hurricane Hangout

Formal Letters need to be sent to SPONSORS (lets discuss - who should send out – either person w/the relationship or Secretary – signed by all?) – We have to be careful with the school board policy of how donations are identified (or sponsorship of programs, locations, etc).

$4.25/pp – VA dues

Secretary Report– Christine Dean

  • VictoricaKrahulec motioned to approve the minues, Krista Muse seconded

Hospitality - Jen Wilkins

October 29 – COFFEE CART – SUG will be going out in October 13th week

Volunteer list is the ENTIRE PTA membership

Cookie Exchange set for Dec. 17th

TEACHER GRANTS– VictoriaKrahulec

-Teachers/Staff must be PTA members (they have until Oct. 31 to get their grant request in)

-NOVEMBER 5 @ 9am – meeting to allocate funds (uneven number is required)

  • Angela Feipel, CollenWist, Jen, Victoria, Diana Conner, Christine Dean and Barbara Adgate
  • We’ll do this in the Fall & then Spring – as they can request unlimited amounts, and must have proper documentation for the process

SPIRIT WEAR- Krista Muse

Placing order on Tuesday, Oct. 13th

February 2016 we’ll do another spirit wear push to make a little money

WEBSITE – Melanie Worrell

-Added the Hurricane Hangout info

-Added pictures and blurbs

BOX TOPS – Jen Wilkins

-Just send them in

SEAC – Melanie Worrell

Vision 20/20

Inclusiveness programs and the sheriffs department discussed the “crisis team management” protocol of actions on special needs children and the representation needed and understanding


  • Did we ever find out what Mr. Keener wanted?
  • Share Table food idea – need to explore how to have unused food available to others
  • Continental Math League Request (did Grace Adgate bring it in?)

Next Meeting: November

Meeting Adjourned @ 9:44am