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Title / Proposed Text toclean upthe aGP service operation (
Date Submitted / 2010-10-25
Source(s) / Jeongki Kim, Youngsoo Yuk,Kiseon Ryu, and Jin Sam Kwak
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Abstract / This contribution proposes the texts related to clean up the aGP service operation
Purpose / For discussion and adoption
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Proposed Text to clean up the aGP service (

Jeongki Kim,Youngsoo Yuk,Kiseon Ryu,and Jin Sam Kwak

LG Electronics


This contribution is to clean up the wrong Figure 429 about the ABS initiated adaptation. In case of Adaptation NACK, the previous QoS paramters/QoS parameter Set will be used again. Delete the NACK in the figure

  1. References

[1] IEEE P802.16m/D8,“DRAFT Amendment to IEEE Standard forLocal and metropolitan area networks”

3.Text proposal for the IEEE 802.16m amendment

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[Suggested Remedy: Modify the Section as follows, on Page 415, line 33:] Adaptive granting and polling service


ABS-initiated adaptation: ABS may initiate the GPI and grant size change by sending the unsolicited adaptation response carried in the Service Specific Scheduling Control Header. The adaptation may be either changes of GPI and/or Grant size; or switches between GPI_primary/ Grant_Size_primary and GPI_secondary/Grant_Size_secondary if secondary SF QoS parameter set is defined. The AMS shall respond by sending adaptation ACK or adaptation NACK carried by the Service Specific Scheduling Control header to acknowledge or reject ABS-suggested QoS parameters. The new QoS parameters start to be effective after Adaptation ACK is received.

Figure 439—ABS-Initiated Adaptation

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