Joey Scout Program

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CIA: Colouring in Sheet / Sheets, pencils
0.00 / Opening Ceremony / Flag.
0.05 / Game: Stop Drop Roll / Nil.
0.10 / Activity: Fire Evacuation Drill / Bell.
0.15 / Game: Fire Alert / Nil.
0.25 / Craft: Home Fire Evacuation Plan / Paper, pencils, textas.
0.35 / Game: Get Down Low and Go Go Go / Sheet.
0.40 / Talk: Fire Safety / Nil.
0.45 / Game: Fire Fighter’s Ladder / Nil.
0.50 / Singing: Fire Song, Always Alert
/ Song sheet.
0.55 / Closing Ceremony / Flag.
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Coming In Activity:
Joeys colour in picture of fires in the home (see below).

Game: Stop Drop Roll
Explain: if you find your clothing on fire do not run away! because the fire stays with you. The best thing you can do is STOP what you are doing; DROP to the floor and ROLL back and forward to put the flames out.

Joey Scouts in teams, ½ team at each end of the hall. On 'GO' the first team member starts to run, at the half way mark they must stop, drop and roll before standing to continue on to their waiting team. Game continues until everyone has had a turn.

Activity: Fire Evacuation Drill
Talk with the Joey Scouts about what to do should there be a fire in the hall and how to evacuate the building. Discuss the meeting point. Ring a bell and practice what to do in an evacuation. Time the activity and let the Joey Scouts know how long it took. If you think this is too long let the Joeys Scouts know that the bell may go off again at any time during the meeting – can we beat our record?

Game: Fire Alert (aka Captains Coming)
Joey Scouts run around the hall and act out each command as it is called.

FIRE ENGINE: run while mimicking the siren of a fire engine

RESCUE: crawl through the smoke

SMOKE ALERT: drop to floor, hand over mouth - cough gasp and wheeze

BUSH FIRE WATCH: make hands into binoculars and watch for fires

FIRE: hose down imaginary flames

Craft: Home Fire Evacuation Plan
Have a sample plan to show the Joey Scouts.
Give the Joeys Scouts a piece of paper each. On the paper they draw the plan of the inside of their house. Where is their bedroom? Where are the doors? How will they escape if there is a fire? Add the meeting point to the plan. Ask Joey Scouts to bring the plan home with them and discuss with their family at home.

Game: Get Down Low and Go Go Go
Divide the Joey Scouts into teams. Each team is to be numbered off. All teams line up at one end of the hall. Have Leaders/parent helpers hold up a sheet across the hall – about ¾ the distance away from the lined up teams, and about 60cm from the floor. The sheet represents smoke in a room. Call out a number. All Joey Scouts with that number have to crawl as quickly as possible under the smoke (sheet). Repeat.

Talk: Fire Safety (see suggested topics below)
Mention things like the STOP DROP ROLL procedure. Having a family meeting to discuss where you will all gather in case of a fire in your house. That you should crawl to safety if there is a lot of smoke because the smoke can contain chemicals, can affect your eyesight, your breathing capacity and can make you pass out, making it impossible to get out of the dangerous situation. How important it is to stay calm. Alert a neighbour or a passing adult if someone is still in the house, DO NOT go back into a burning building. DO NOT use a lift during a fire, use the stairs instead. To close doors behind you as you leave a burning building. The emergency number is 000 and should ONLY be used in an emergency, a Joey Scout should be able to tell the operator their name, where they are, how many people are in the house, how old the people are, if anyone is hurt etc. Fire needs oxygen to live this if you have a blanket close by throw it over a person who is on fire tell them loudly STOP!!! DROP to the floor, and ROLL back and forward to douse the flames.

Game: Fire Fighter’s Ladder
Have the Joey Scouts in pairs sit on the floor at one end of the hall, with the soles of their feet touching. Have the next pair sit next to the 1st with a gap, and so on until the legs of the pairs of Joey Scouts have formed a long ladder. The first pair jump up on the GO signal and run through the leg ladder to the top of the ladder and sit with feet touching to form another rung of the ladder, next pair repeat etc until each pair has had a turn .

The ladder will end up at the other end of the hall.

When everyone has had a turn, play again in reverse.

Singing: Fire Song

Sung to the tune of "What shall we do with a drunken sailor"
What do you dial if there's a fire,
What do you dial if there's a fire,
What do you dial if there's a fire,
Dial 0-0-0!

What do you do to plan for fire,What do you do to plan for fire,What do you do to plan for fire,Have a fire drill!
What do you do if you're on fire,What do you do if you're on fire,What do you do if you're on fire,Stop, drop and roll!
Who comes in a truck if there's a fire,Who comes in a truck if there's a fire,Who comes in a truck if there's a fire,It's the Fireman!

Always Alert (this action rhyme is a pleasant reminder of a smoke detectors work).
Sung to the tune of "I’m a little teapot"
I am a smoke detector and I say "Beep"

I am your nose when you're asleep.
(point to your nose; then pretend to sleep)

If there is a fire and smoke is all around,
(Wiggle hand and fingers all around.)

I'll wake you up with a very loud sound.
(Jump up and raise your hands high.)

(Everyone beeping.)