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(Please type or write in black ink)

PART ONE (to be completed by faculty member applying)

  1. Family Name______Given Name ______

漢 字 ______

Age ______Gender (please circle): Male / Female

2.Place of Birth: City ______Country ______Date of Birth ______

3.Citizenship (nation from which passport is obtained)______

4.Present title as faculty member ______


6.Office address______


7. Telephone

8. Fax:

9. Email:

10. Best Mailing Address: ______


11. Colleges & Universities AttendedPrincipal subject Dates of studyDegree & year awarded





12. Names, addresses, phone/fax numbers and email addresses of individuals from whom you are requesting letters of recommendation. Three (3)are required, one of which must be from your adviser or the person most familiar with

your scholarly work. Please send the three letters of recommendation together with your application form.


Names Phone/fax numbersaddressesEmail




13.List any Faculty member(s) at HarvardUniversityand/or any other major university in the United Stateswith whom you wish to consult during the stay of the fellowship.

Name DepartmentField



List the above faculty member’s two publications (with detailed citation information) that are highly relevant to your research.

1) ______

2) ______

14.Previous fellowships, scholarships, grants, and other honors______


15. Are you applying for funding from any other organizations?______

16. Have you ever applied for a Harvard-Yenching Scholarship before?______If so, when?______

17. Title of Proposed Research:


18.List all positions, academic or other, in chronological order, with dates, including the date from which you haveheld your present faculty position:______




19. Publications where applicable. Please list titles in the original language as well as English. Attach a separate bibliography

if space here is insufficient______




20.Foreign travel: If you have visited or lived in any countries other than the one in which you are now employed,

please give places, dates, and purposes:______




21.Indicate your knowledge of the languages listed below and any others. If one is your own language, write native: elsewhereslightly, fairly well, or fluently.

CHINESE: Speak ______Read ______

JAPANESE: Speak ______Read ______

ENGLISH: Speak ______Read ______

KOREAN: Speak ______Read ______

THAI: Speak ______Read ______

VIETNAMESE: Speak______Read ______

OTHER (______): Speak ______Read ______

21.What is the subject of your research plan? Scholarships are intended for original, publishable research. (It is not

necessary that the research be completed during the year at Harvard.) The scholarship is NOT intended for the

compilation of textbooks or the writing of general surveys of your field. Give a description in English in about 3-5 pages,

explaining your research plans at HarvardUniversity or/and another major university. Please insert the extra page(s) in this application form if necessary.

22.AGREEMENT: If I am awarded a Harvard-Yenching Institute Visiting Scholars Fellowship at Harvard

University, I will return to my duties at my employing university in Asia at the conclusion of the Fellowship,

or at such earlier time as my home university and/or the Harvard-Yenching Institute may require. If I am

awarded a fellowship, I will apply for a J-1 (scholar) visa to enter the United States.



PART TWO: INSTITUTIONAL APPROVAL (to be signed by the President, Vice-Chancellor, Rector, Dean of

Faculty, or other appropriate administrative officer of the applicant's sponsoring university in Asia.)

Application is incomplete without approval.

TO:Visiting Scholars Program Office


Vanserg Hall, Suite 20

25 Francis Avenue

Cambridge, MA02138


We approve and recommend the application of

for a Fellowship. This university will grant the above-named faculty member a suitable leave of absence if

he or she is awarded a Harvard-Yenching Institute Visiting Scholars Fellowship at HarvardUniversity,

where s/he will do research in his or her designated field. At the conclusion of the Fellowship, or earlier

if required under terms of the applicant's agreement (Part One, item 18) the said faculty member is expected

and obligated to resume appropriate duties at this university.




For an electronic version of application forms and with further enquiries, please email Ruohong Liregarding Visiting Scholars and Visiting Fellows Program.