Name: ______

Date: ______Period: ______

COLLECTION 5 – Biography and Autobiography

·  1st Person Narrative: Practice – Draw a time line of your life (see Elements of Lit pg 419)

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·  Viewing the Art - (see Elements of Lit pg 417) Examine the painting on pg 417, choose one person in this crowd that stands out to you as an “unforgettable personality.” Use your imagination to create a list of descriptive words and phrases about this person.

Quickwrite: What kind of personality does your pet have? If your pet were to turn into a person for a day, how would they behave? Use details to help your reader understand your pet and it’s personality.

STORM by Gary Paulsen

Vocabulary Words: Match words and definitions.

a. recover ______

b. unfasten ______

c. give out; send forth ______

B. Use each word in a sentence.

1. ______

2. ______

3. ______

STORM from Woodsong
by Gary Paulsen
“I have not done anything else in my life that gives me the personal satisfaction that writing does.”

Reading Comprehension Review:

Pg 428: [main idea] What details about Storm do we learn from the beginning description?

Pg 428: Which pronouns are used in this section to make it clear that the narrator is using 1st person point of view?

Pg 429: What does Paulsen mean by the sentence “Storm had scale eyes”?

Pg 430: [Main Idea] What do we learn about Storm through Paulsen’s story about the iron stove?

Pg 432: [Main Idea] What does the ritual with the stick show you about the relationship between Storm and Paulsen.

Pg 432: [Main Idea] What does Storm’s behavior with the stick teach Paulsen?

Name: ______

Date: ______Period: ______

COLLECTION 5 – Biography and Autobiography

BROTHER by Maya Angelou

“You may encounter many defeats, but you can not be defeated.”

Quickwrite: In her biography, Angelou says simply that her brother, Bailey, was “the great person in my world.” Who is the greatest person in your world? Write a few sentences identifying who that person is and why he or she is “the greatest.” DO ON A SEPARATE SHEET.

Vocabulary Words: Match words and definitions.

a. exactness ______

b. irritating ______

c. shocked, horrified ______

d. praised highly ______

Reading Comprehension Review:

Pg 446: [main idea] What details reveal Angelou’s feelings for her brother?

Pg 446: What sense do words in this description appeal to?

Viewing the Art - (see Elements of Lit pg 445) Compare and contrast the boy in the painting with Angelou’s description of Bailey. DO ON A SEPARATE SHEET.

Quickwrite: Read Meet the Writer on page 448. What does Maya Angelou’s quote mean to you?

Name: ______

Date: ______Period: ______

COLLECTION 5 – Biography and Autobiography

Freedom’s Conductor: Harriet Tubman

Responding to the video

1. t f Lila and her father were waiting for a train.

2. t f The events being recounted took place just after the Civil War.

3. t f When Lila’s grandfather was born, all of the black people were enslaved.

4. t f Tubman offered Lila’s ancestors a chance to escape.

5. t f The man telling the story was a slave who walked north to freedom.

6. t f Free blacks, Quakers, and Mennonites all helped run the Underground Railroad.

7. t f The people who helped the runaway slaves were called conductors, and the slaves were called freight.

8. t f Tubman threatened to shoot the runaway slaves if they tried to return to the South.

9. t f A reward of $1,000,000 was offered for the captured of Tubman.

10. t f Lila ran to greet the people who arrived on the train.

A Glory Over Everything by Ann Petry

Quickwrite: What do you know about the Underground Railroad?

Read Make the Connection Elements of Lit pg 468 – what are your feelings?

Reading Comprehension Review:

Pg 471: [prediction] How do you suppose Tubman will try and escape the plantation?

Pg 471: What point of view is this story written in? How can you tell?

Pg 472: [summarizing] What type of dangers and obstacles did run-a-ways face?

pg 473: [predict] How do you think this news will affect Tubman?

Pg 474 [interpret] What is Tubman’s purpose for singing the song?

Pg 475 [character] What does this gesture of payment reveal about Tubman?

Pg 477: How is 1st person point of view used here?

Sequencing: Plot out the story of A Glory Over Everything: (you can draw it or write it)

1 / 2 / 3
4 / 5 / 6

Vocabulary Words: Choose the vocabulary word that fits the sentence (see Elements of Lit pg 469) Write the definitions.

1. In the game of hide-n-seek, the goal is to ______your opponent.

2. The winning runner’s legs were long and ______.

3. I can’t say why the best team lost; the reason is ______.

4. The player who is ______and breaks the rules can be thrown out of the game.

5. Everyone on the team had a ______reason to be in the gym after school.