1. All applications must be made on a current Charnwood Borough Council application form.
  2. Telephone applications are not acceptable.
  3. All charges are non-refundable
  4. Under no circumstances may space booked be sublet without prior agreement.
  5. The Council reserves the right not to accept any or all applications.


If attendance has to be cancelled, re-arranged, interrupted or curtailed due to circumstances beyond theCouncils control, the Council shall not be liable to make good any loss incurred by any party booked for the event


All promotional agencies and company employees/representatives who attend Loughborough town centre under a Town Centre Activity authorisationmust strictly follow the below Code of Conduct.

Failure to follow the Code of Conduct may result in agents being asked to leave any site and the promotion cancelled at full cost. This may also lead to the promoting company being banned from Loughborough town centre indefinitely.

  1. Company representatives must ensure they are on site by the agreed start time and not leave before the agreed end time. Loughborough town centre has a traffic restriction order also in place with prohibits any unauthorised movement of vehicles between 10.00 and 16.00.
  1. Company representatives must be dressed appropriately with identification clearly showing they are a legitimate representative of the booking company or a legitimate fundraiser for the charity.
  1. Company representatives must carry with them and clearly display any permits or licences sent to them by the booking agency and Charnwood Borough Council.
  1. Company representatives must set up in the space allotted to them by Charnwood Borough Council. A map and access information will be provided to your booking agency, which will then provide you with a copy.
  1. Company representatives must work within the parameters set by Charnwood Borough Council and must remain within the space booked for them.
  1. Company representatives are not allowed to promote in any part of the footway or in any public place to the obstruction and annoyance of any member of the public or retailer.Representatives must also remain clear of any other retailer’s windows or doorways as to not hinder their respective business.
  1. Company representatives must behave in a professional manner at all times. Any representative found to be rude, offensive or aggressive, will be asked to leave Loughborough town centre immediately. This may lead to the promotion being cancelled with no refund on cost; and could also lead to the promoting company being banned from Loughborough town centre indefinitely.
  1. Company representatives must act responsibly and clear any litter that arises from any promotion to avoid any environmental enforcement action been taken.
  1. Receipt of this Code of Conduct is deemed as acceptance by the promoter, on behalf of the agent(s), unless notified in writing to the contrary within 48 hours of receipt.


No goods or services shall be offered except those goods/services specified on the authorisation.

The use of mechanical loud speaking appliances and/or public address systems is forbidden.


It is the responsibility of each concessionaire to comply with safe systems of working and to erect and dismantle their equipment in a responsible and safe manner and determine a safe working zone and prevent unauthorised access to the working zone during erection and dismantling periods.

All concessionaires applying for trading space within Loughborough Town Centre must have and produce valid risk assessments and method statements which must accompany the initial application form and any other certification required by the Council must be made available to the Council and the Market, Fairs and Town Centre Operations Officer on request.

The risk assessments and method statements must specifically take into account the presence of the general public with regard to moving vehicles and trailers, free swinging or projecting parts ,banners, boards, and portable devices used as props or advertising aids.

Issued by

Loughborough Town Centre Operations, Town Hall, Town Hall Passage, Market Place, Loughborough, LE11 3EB

Tel: 01509 634713


TCA07 1Apr 2017