Family Planning Knowledge Sharing Initiative

Update Dec 2008

CO / Activities / Immediate Next Steps / Support needed
Honduras /
  • Debrief CD, HSM, Emergency Response Coordinator
  • Presented KSI to the regional health director of the Secretary of Health and to FP program coordinator at the La Paz department
  • Planning SAA introduction training for health personnel working in 5 municipalities in which we will have the intervention. 4 more participants; 2 from the Local FP NGO (Asoplanza- FP Assoc. of Honduras) and 2 from CARE Health Sector Staff. Training will emphasize SAA, will use two values clarification tools (one from ISOFI)
  • Coordination with local USAID mission to review the FP materials (printed and audiovisual) and explore incorporation into KSI activities. Will explore community conversations and using other forms of radio/novellas to challenge community assumptions (this may be later)
  • Honduras and Nicaragua submitted concept paper to participate in the pre-selection process of the European Commission. Paper incorporated SAA and MISP.
/ Dec 12 one-day training with CARE staff and partners
Follow-up training in Feb. /
  • Dacia will let us know after Dec 12.

Peru /
  • Dec 15: meeting with health team to introduce SAA concepts for CO health strategy and plans for next year
  • Working in 1 school in AHMAR target area (after school program, with some Saturday activities, in a safe space with games, etc.)
  • Will work with youth, teachers, providers, and parents on issues of FP
  • Exploring the use of a radio messages
  • Exploring bringing on (Mr.) Benu de Quesa (sp.?) from Mexico to help training of providers (TBD in December)
/ Dec 15 introduction of SAA and plans for next year. /
  • Arzum to contact Patricia Pope re local communication tools and resources
  • Luis to send Spanish SAA, ISOFI, and Balkans masculinity report

Sierra Leone /
  • Debrief with HSC, CD, and health team re Rwanda
  • Putting together research team of 20 CARE staff and partners (including Yuki, Juliette, Vocali)
  • KS work linking with Strategic Support grant and LIFT-UP
  • Working on TOR for a consultant to facilitate research;
  • Logistics for three-day FP/SAA workshop in January
  • Research to be complete by late March
/ Three-day kick-off workshop in Jan
Will share TOR
Joseph to share Sissy Aminata docs. with Ariel /
  • Review TOR

Cambodia /
  • Debrief with CO staff re Rwanda
  • TOR developed for a consultant to lead research
  • Two sites (PP and Koh Kong), Vantha will lead the former, two PMs to lead the latter
  • Paula Gleeson and Caroline McCausland, program director of health and education, are involved and very interested in this initiative
/ Revising TOR to hire consultant /
  • Luis to touch base with Jesse on consultants

Ghana /
  • Debrief CD re Rwanda
  • Working in 1 community in 4 districts of PCTFI to improve SRH in schools (2 communities to be engaged in Dec, other two after Christmas)
  • In process of recruiting a facilitator, that Mercy will oversee, to coordinate activities (focus on staff transformation, literature review, engage providers, elders, stakeholders, teachers, youth)
  • Jan: Development of an activity plan and intervention
  • Feb/Mar: Implementation
  • April: Documentation
/ Hire facilitator and engage 2 communities (Dec) /
  • Luis mtg with Joyce Adolwa about support to this initiative

Madagascar /
  • Debrief staff re Rwanda
  • In process of identifying other staff to work on this initiative.
  • For January 2009, we will hold staff training on SAA, communication and facilitation. We’ll program a reflective practice with the staff to improve our implementation for the community champion project.
  • After these trainings with staff, we will begin reflection with the community.
  • Plan is to use a consultant (still working this out)
/ Jan — staff training /
  • Luis/Jennifer exploring consultants