Name: ______Date: ______Period: ______

Unit 8 People ID: Age of Oil

For each definition, identify the person being described. Please write the full names with correct capitalization. Use your Unit 8 Study Guide, Unit 8 Notes, and Chapters 21 & 22.

1.  ______Won reelection as Texas governor by supporting women’s right

to vote in primary elections.

2.  ______Organized the Texas Equal Rights Association to help bring

equality to all citizens regardless of race or gender

3.  ______Drilled the first oil well in Texas near Beaumont.

4.  ______Worked as a conservationist by replanting pine trees.

5.  ______Austin resident appointed Postmaster General of the U.S. by

President Wilson

6.  ______Galveston’s city representative of the U.S. Weather Bureau that

warned people of the coming storm in 1900.

7.  ______Built the first oil refinery in Corsicana, Texas west of the

Mississippi ; pioneered the method of using natural gas to heat homes and provide lighting

8.  ______Austin resident chosen to be President Wilson’s chief political

and most trusted advisor.

9.  ______The first woman elected Governor of Texas in 1924.

10.  ______Led the Mexican revolutionaries in northern part of Mexico.

Raided Columbus, New Mexico in March 1916.

11.  ______Led 6,000 American troops to pursue Villa in Mexico. Also,

commander of American Expeditionary forces in WWI.

12.  ______Elected president of the Austin Women’s Suffrage Association in

1915. Held powerful posts in Democratic Party and served as secretary of state under two different governors.

13.  ______Austin resident chosen to serve in President Wilson’s cabinet as

U.S. attorney general

14.  ______German diplomat who sent a coded telegram to the German

Representative in Mexico.

15.  ______Elected superintendent of public instruction for Texas in 1918.

She raised school taxes and provided free textbooks to children.

16.  ______Invented a rotary drill bit that could break up rock and drill

deeper for oil.