Responsible to: Phase Leader(s)

Job Purpose:

  1. To take responsibility for the education and welfare of designated classes of children in accordance with the current School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions document, having due regard to the requirements of the National Curriculum and LEA and school policies.
  2. To lead or support a subject area, individually or as part of a team, having an impact upon subject knowledge of colleagues, high expectations and pupil motivation (excellence and enjoyment).


  1. To plan and implement appropriate work for all children in thedesignated classes, within the framework of national and school policies.
  1. To maintain assessment records and report on pupils’ progress to senior staff and to parents and carers, in accordance with school policy.
  1. To manage additional adults within the classroom.


  1. To plan work for the designated class in accordance with national, LEA and school curriculum policies and in co-operation with subject and phase leaders to ensure that the children experience a broad, balanced, relevant and stimulating curriculum.
  1. To ensure a close match between the learning experiences offered and the individual needs of the children in the class, so as to give each child an opportunity to achieve to the maximum of his/her capability.
  1. To make appropriate educational provision for children with AEN/SEN and those learning EAL, with support from the SENCo.
  1. Where possible, to make sure that the majority of the children’s work is closely linked to first-hand practical experience and allows them to be actively involved.
  1. To provide children with opportunities to manage their own learning and become independent learners.
  1. To create a secure, happy and stimulating classroom environment founded on the BASICS principles in the staff handbook, maintaining the highest standards of organisation, and discipline.
  1. To foster each child’s self-image and esteem and establish relationships which are based on mutual respect.
  1. To supporta high standard of display both in the classroom and in other areas of the school.
  1. To arrange for resources, equipment and materials to be available in such a way that they are properly cared for, easily accessible and will encourage the children to become more responsible for their own learning.
  1. To work with colleagues to undertake medium and short term planning and the implementation of agreed schemes of work where appropriate.
  1. To assess children’s progress, maintain records and provide written reports to parents and carers in accordance with school policies.
  1. To communicate and consult with parents and carers and with outside agencies, as necessary, about children’s progress and attainment.
  1. To ensure that the school’s aims and objectives in relation to the curriculum, equal opportunities and discipline are promoted in every day classroom organisation and practice.
  1. To liaise with support staff both school based, from the LEA & from other external bodies as required.
  1. To take up the opportunity for continuous professional development through self-directed reading, courses and in-service training.
  1. To undertake any other reasonable and relevant duties in accordance with the changing needs of the school.
Curriculum Leadership
  1. Although you are not on a full-time contract we do expect you to to lead or support a subject area, within the restrictions of your actual time in school, either individually or as part of a team. This may entail offering support and advice to colleagues, and having an impact upon their subject knowledge informally (let every light shine). it will also include:
  2. Contributing to the school aims of high expectations and pupil motivation (excellence and enjoyment), in this subject, through you r teaching and support for colleagues.
  3. Ensuring that, as part of a curriculum team, the curriculum area reflects cross-curricular elements; in particular multi-cultural issues, equality of opportunity and personal and social education.
  4. Updating policies when requested and keeping governors informed, again within the limitations of your contracted time in school.
  5. Having a personal long-term action plan for how you’d wish to see this subject develop. This will be formalised through Curriculum teams and performance management processes.


The Post holder will contribute to the school’s objectives in service delivery by:

  1. Enactment of Health and Safety requirements and initiatives as directed
  2. Ensuring compliance with Data Protection legislation
  3. At all times operating within the school’s Equal Opportunities framework
  4. Commitment and contribution to improving standards for pupils as appropriate
  5. Commitment and contribution toeffective and friendly partnership with parents
  6. Contributing to the maintenance of a caring and stimulating environment for pupils

Governed by the National Agreement on Teachers’ Pay and Conditions, supplemented by local conditions as agreed by the governors.