a Speranza film in cooperation with Unicef Norway


1.  What is one of the most important factors that supports the situation of modern slavery around the world?

2.  The countries with the highest levels of national debt also have the highest levels of what?

3.  What three key factors have resulted in a huge increase in the number of slaves?

4.  How many people live on less than $1 per day?
1.  What is India’s population?
2.  What percentage of the population live below the poverty line?
3.  What time does the brick-maker get up in the morning?
4.  When will he finish work?
5.  Describe his work and how you would feel if you did his job every day.
6.  The wife earns 5000 rupees in 4-5 months, which is equivalent to $5 a day. Why does this lead to powerlessness?
7.  The most common form of slavery in South Asia is collateral debt bondage, where people have to put themselves up as collateral (a guarantee) for a loan to buy necessities. Why can’t most people pay off their debts?
8.  Describe the living conditions at the brick factories.
  1. Housing
  2. Food sources
  3. Sanitation (toilets etc.)
  4. Work conditions

9.  What happens if the weather turns bad?

10.  How does the boss treat the workers? Give examples.

11.  Why are people in rich countries like Australia also responsible for helping to end slavery?


1.  Although child soldiers isn’t a new phenomenon, what is different about modern child soldiers?

2.  How long has the war in Northern Uganda been going on?

3.  What percentage of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) is recruited as children?

4.  How does Joseph Kony, leader of the LRA, ‘recruit’ children into his army?

5.  Children are being used as soldiers in how many countries today?

6.  In what ways do children make ‘better’ soldiers than adults?

7.  How old was Moses when he was abducted?

8.  Describe what happened after he was abducted. How was he treated?

9.  How long was Moses forced to fight for the LRA?

10.  How was he eventually freed?

11.  How many child soldiers are there currently around the world?