Choose three projects/ tasks to complete over the half term. Choose two you feel are in your preferred learning style but try to challenge yourself to try one from an area you don’t feel is your natural style.

THEME: Where would you prefer to live: Africa or England? TERM:Autumn 2 YEAR: 2

TO BE RETURNED: Wednesday 16th December 2015


I would like you to explain to me where you would prefer to live: Africa or England. Why would you prefer to live in the place you have chosen? You need to tell me at least 3 reasons why you would prefer to live there. / Imagine you were a child living in Africa. I would like you to write a diary about a typical day in the life of an African child. What activities might you do? What food would you eat? How would you feel? / Egypt is famous for its pyramids. I would like you to make a pyramid and tell me all the different properties of the pyramid. How many faces does it have? What shape are the faces? How many edges are there? How many vertices are there?
A fun way to do this is using marshmallows and straws. / Science theme ‘How will 5 a day help me to be healthy?’ I would like to keep a food log for 1 week so you need to record exactly what you eat and when you eat it. I have a template food log if you would like one. When you have done this can you start to think about the types of foods you have been eating.

I would like you to find out about a place in Africa that people go on holiday. I would then like you to explain to me what you could do in the holiday destination. You can present the information any way you want to. / I would like you to design an African mask. Think about what design you put on your mask, what colours will you use? If you would like a template to draw on please ask
You do not need to make the mask but if you want to, you are more than welcome to. / Africa is made up of lots of different countries. I would like you to tell me 5 countries that make up Africa. Which country is the biggest? Which country is the smallest? / In Africa there is always a shortage of water. I would like you to think about how you could save water at home and make a poster to encourage other people to do the same.