PR NO 12000025-HP-48007




This specification covers the requirement for C-4101 A/B TOWER/COLUMN AT PDA LR

1.1 Design, Supply of material including nozzles ,manholes,TSR, bolting bars, steam coil etc. preparation & obtaining approval of design calculations, development of fabrication drawings, fabrication, inspection, testing, Cleaning, painting, Guarantee, packing and forwarding along with spares and Documentation, as applicable duly complete in all respects and ready to install and use.

1.2Preparation for shipment, transportation of the equipment at Lube Refinery near PDA unit at HPCL, Mumbai Refinery. Vendor to bring necessary lifting items like winches, hoists, slings for unloading the equipment at HPCL refinery. Crane for unloading will be arranged by HPCLfree of cost.

1.3Vendor to Fabricate & supply top 4.3 meter dia vessel ( with swaging from 3meter to 4.3 meter) along with toriconical section, hemispherical dish/manholes /nozzles /cleats/steam coil& 3 m dia shell of 500 mm as shown in the drawing. Supply of GI grating for platforms will be in vendor’s scope and payment will be given as per item no 3 & 4 of PR.

1.4Delivery Period :

Overall delivery period shall be 19 weeks from the date of LOI/PO whichever is earlier with an estimated

break up ofactions indicated as below:

a)2 weeks for drawing submission from the date of LOI/PO whichever is earlier

b)1 week for drawing review/ approval by HPCL from the date of drawing submission.

c)16 weeks for manufacturing of vessel from the date of drawing approval.

d)If there is any delay on HPCL's part in review/approval of drawings, the same shall be reckoned on HPCL's

account andfinal delivery shall be considered by adding the number of days delay by HPCL.

e)However, if vendor drawing submission is delayed and HPCL clears the drawing within the specified

schedule , overalldelivery limit shall remain unchanged as the final delivery date.

f)The above mentioned delivery period is firm.Offers beyond the specified schedule is a rejection criteria.

g)Manufacturer shall ensure that the drawings submitted contain all relevant details, design calculations etc

and arecomplete in all respect. Preliminary review/ approval returned by HPCl shall be treated as

HPCL drawing approval date.

h)Further clarification, comment/ minor corrections and subsequent revision of drawing, if any,

shall not be considered for extension of delivery schedule due to drawing approval delay by HPCL.

i)HPCL reserves the right to split the order, in case of urgency. However, delivery period shall remain same

for each vessel i.e. 19 weeks from the date of LOI/PO whichever is earlier


2.1 Design codes

The following codes in their latest edition including addenda at the time of bidding shall form the basis for design, fabrication, inspection, testing, and acceptance of equipment;

2.1.1ASME Section VIII Div.II

2.1.2ASME Sec IX

2.1.3IS 875 for wind

2.1.4IS 1893 for Seismic

2.2Material Codes: ASME Section II


3.1Principal engineering drawing which includes material specification, principal dimensions, general requirement, codes etc shall be as per HPCL attached drawing/sketch.

3.2It shall be vendor’s responsibility to furnish all necessary documents, such as

3.2.1Complete shop fabrication drawings.

3.2.2Supplementary design calculations whenever called for, in Material Requisition/ Purchase requisition or Engineering Drawings.

3.2.3Bill of Material containing item-wise weights.

3.2.4Manufacturing schedule/ Bar Chart.

3.2.5Quality assurance plan.

3.2.6Purchase specifications for bought out items such as pipes, flanges, and forging etc.

3.2.7Shell development drawings showing interference, if any, with nozzles, pads, attachments etc.

3.2.8Quality control procedures.

3.2.9Details regarding shipment along with erection weight.

3.3DRAWING REVIEW / APPROVAL: The complete design of the equipment and all fabrication drawings shall be reviewed and approved by HPCL. Fabricator should stand guarantee for design of the tower.

3.4Material of construction and other design details shall be as follows :

Sr.No / Description / C-4101 A/B
1.1 / Design .Pressure / 46 kg/sq cm g
1.2 / Design Temp / 182 deg centigrade
1.3 / Corrosion allowance / 3.2 mm
1.4 / Design code / ASME section VIII Div 2
2.0 /
2.1 / Shell / A 515/516 GR70
2.2 / Head / A 515/516 GR. 70
2.3 / Flange / A 105
2.4 / Nozzle Neck ,coupling / A 106 Gr B
2.5 / TSR / A 515/516 GR. 60/70
2.6 / Bolts & nuts / A 193 B7 & A 194 2H
2.7 / Gaskets / Spiral wound metallic(SS 316)
2..8 / Fittings / A 234 WPB
2.9 / STEAM COIL / A 106 Gr B
2.10 / Man-ways necks / A 515/516 Gr 60/70
2.11 / Insulation supports / cleats / Yes IS 2062 GR A.
100 mm thk wool by others
2.12 / Gunniting support / N.A
2.13 / Stress relieving / YES 100%
2.14 / Radiography / YES 100%
2.15 / Structurals/platforms/gratings / YES

All Nozzles & Manholes shall be self reinforcing type.

3.5Necessary liquid static head shall be considered while designing the VESSEL

3.6 Vendor shall confirm the plate thickness required based on his calculations as per overall dimensions & design information indicated on the equipment specification.

3.7Wherever design details e.g. dimension/ thickness / material are not specified ,the same shall be designed by the vendor to meet all applicable provisions of this specification and design code.

3.8Necessary stiffeners shall be provided at equiv.-distance on the outside if required

3.9All Flanges shall conform to ANSI B 16.5. Forged / S.W. / Butt welded fittings shall conform to ANSI B 16.9 & B 16.11. All shell outer flanges shall be WNRF inclusive of man-ways. Flange rating shall be as per the design data .

3.10Suitable lifting lugs, minimum of 2 nos.-earthing boss, davits, eyebolts etc. are to be provided to facilitate maintenance work .

3.11Drawing shall necessarily to indicate the following:

a)Design data b) Nozzle Schedule indicating nozzle no. Service Qty., NB size, neck thickness, Flange rating, facing finish. C) General Specification including welding consumable d) General Notes e) Sectional elevation including nozzle elevations. f) Orientation plan / end view.

Detailed drawing

a)Typical welding details for shell, head, nozzle, connections etc. b) Shell courses & dimensions c) Head Geometry and dimensions d) Body flange joints e) Man-way and Nozzle details f) Support details g) Lifting lugs, turnings etc. h) Davits for Man-way j) internals etc. and k) cleats for monkey ladder / landing platforms

b)Vendor to include monkey ladder with platform in design drawing.

Bill of Material shall contain

a)Part No. Description & Qty. b) Material Specification c) Finish size / thickness and weight of the parts.

b)Vendor to provide weight (empty and full of water) of the vessel on drawing as well as on equipment nameplate.

3.12During fabrication or shop hydro-test conditions in horizontal position, the supports for shell shall be so provided that combined stresses in any shell component ( based on corroded thickness for site test ) do not exceed the following:

a)Tensile : 90% of ambient yield

b)Compressive : Code allowable stress

3.13The material shall be procured from highly reputed manufacturers only. Adequate material/ test certificates must accompany the items supplied from third party .inspection agency to review the certificates before giving approval

3.14Vendor to provide As-Built Drawing considering the existing vessel. Details of existing vessel will be provided by HPCL.


4.1Plates supplied by vendor shall conform to the specifications specified in the approved drawings.

4.2Supply of other bought out items such as pipes, forging, fasteners, gaskets etc. shall be procured from reputed manufacturers.

4.3Head/ Dished Ends also shall be stress relieved.

4.4Inside edges of Manholes shall be smooth and rounded off with a minimum radius of 3mm..

4.5All bolts/ studs shall have ISO threading. Studs shall be threaded to full length.

4.6Provision of Insulation is under HPCL scope.

4.7 cleats if any, will be suggested at the time of approving the drawing shall be welded by the vendor. Location of the cleats will be furnished.

4.8The fabricator shall supply two sets of metallic gaskets as per API 601 (where the gaskets are under his scope of supply) other than those used for testing and/ or during transportation. Service gaskets shall be used during hydrotest.


5.1The fabricator is required to remove slag, detrimental discoloration, and non-uniformity of edges shall grind flame out edges.

5.2All pressure bearing butt welds shall be of full penetration, double welded joints. When second side welding is not possible due to inaccessibility, single welded butt joints with root run by Tungsten Inert Gas Process (TIG) maybe used to ensure full penetration.

5.3Electrode/ filler wire shall be used only ADVANI OERLIKON/ ESAB/D&H.

5.4vendor to use compatible electrodes for vessel & structural fabrication.

5.5Nozzles and Manways and their reinforcement pads shall be attached to vessel with full penetration welds.

5.6All main weld seams shall be clear of nozzles, manholes, and stiffening rings.

5.7Other attachments like reinforcement pads, internals, and tray support rings, cleats etc. shall preferably be away from the main seams.

5.8Vendor shall submit welding procedure specification and qualification record to purchaser’s inspector or authorized representative for approval as per ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessels Code Section IX.

5.9Welding consumables shall be as per ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Sec.II Part C and shall be indicated in fabrication drawings.

5.10Welding shall not commence unless the concerned procedures are approved.

5.11Only welders who are qualified in the accepted procedure shall be employed for welding.

5.12During fabrication, due consideration shall be given to dimensions/tolerances. Tolerances shall be as per drawing/ standard/ code. For dimensions not provided with tolerances, fabricator shall maintain dimensions as per good engineering practice.


6.1All vessels shall be offered for inspection to purchaser or his authorized inspector. Inspectors shall have free access to all workshops of contractors or sub-contractors. Inspection shall be carried out both during fabrication and before delivery and also for sub-ordered materials, if any. In addition to final inspection and certification by Inspector, Inspector’s written approval shall be obtained by the manufacturer at all stages of fabrication including, but not limited to the following :

a)Raw material inspection – Identification of major raw materials for the equipment against test certificates, conducting additional test if required to ascertain the quality of raw material.

b)Approval of welding procedure specification, Procedure qualification records and heat treatment procedures.

c)Edge preparation for welding, including visual check for laminations.

d)Alignment of longitudinal seams.

e)Rolling tolerance on individual sections.

f)Alignment of sections.

g)Root pass clearing before welding.

h)Nozzle setting

i)Dimensional check

j)Radiographic Examination

k)Dye penetrant examination/Magnetic particle examination.

l)Post weld heat treatment.

m)Calibration records of measuring instruments.

n)Pressure Test ( Hydrostatic )

o)Any other special test such as for leak, corrosion, hardness etc.

p)Surface preparation, primer, and painting.

6.2 The third party inspection agencies will be either of the following


Irrespective of third party inspection, HPCL will have the right to visit vendor’s premises to

ascertain quality and progress of the jobs.Vendor to quote thitd party inspection charges


6.3All materials to be approved by third party inspection. Sample to be provided free of cost for owner’s test.

6.4All X-rays, ultrasonic tests and post weld heat treatment required as indicated in the drawing and the respective codes is to be carried out by the vendor, at his cost to the entire satisfaction of the Third party inspection/ HPCL Engineers.

6.5Hydrostatic Test : As the part vessel is being fabricated dummy flange/plate to be welded and hydro tested for the vessel manufactured by you. After hydrotest dummy flange/plate to be removedand edge ground finished.All necessary precautions shall be taken to guard against the risk of brittle fracture during hydrostatic test in the shop. The temperature of testing medium shall preferably not be less than 16 Deg C. Prior to hydrostatic test, all weld spatter, weld stubs, scale, dirt etc. shall be removed from vessel. Hydrostatic test shall be conducted at pressures mentioned in engineering drawings after fabrication, radiography and post weld heat treatment. After hydrostatic testing, vessel shall be thoroughly dried by blowing dry air. The steam coil shall be hydrotested separately.


7.1The radiography requirement is full.

7.2All welds, which are not subjected to radiographic requirements, shall be subjected to either magnetic particle or dye penetrant or both at the discretion of the inspection authority.

7.3All welds shall be radio-graphed and interpreted as per code.

7.4Vendor shall get the procedure of post weld heat treatment approved by Inspector.

7.5Radiography shall be done progressively through out the job.

7.6Welds found faulty as a result of radiographic or other inspection must be ground/ chipped off to the satisfaction of inspection engineer and re-welded as per the instructions.

7.7Radiographic films shall remain the property of HPCL.

7.8Post weld heat treatment shall be carried out for entire vessel along withdished ends irrespective of the codes.


8.1Nameplate shall be fabricated from AISI 304 material and shall be attached to bracket by 3-mm dia SS rivets. All letters and blocks to be chemically engraved and filled in back stamping on blocks to be of reasonable depth. Nameplate thickness is 3 mm.


Vendor should submit priced and un-priced bids any deviations to this specification shall be spelt out clearly in your quotation.

9.1Detail break up of duties, taxes, octroi etc

9.2Payment terms.


10.1After completion of all testing and inspection, the inside of the complete equipment shall be thoroughly drained and dried out. Equipment shall be completely dried out by passing hot air for sufficient time until no further increase in relative humidity of out going air is observed.

10.2Flange faces shall be covered by suitable rust preventing easily removable oil and protected by temporary steel covers. Opening shall on no account be fitted with tapered wooden plugs for this purposes. All threaded holes shall be suitably protected with steel bar plugs.

10.3Painting shall be carried out as per specification given below. Vendor to use paint from HPCL’s approved manufacturer i.e. 1. Burger 2. Shalimar 3. Asian 4. Bombay paints. The equipment shall be shot blasted to SA 2 ½ specification and shop painted on the outside with the following specification.

TOTAL / 40

10.4The equipment item no, purchase order no. and owner’s name and address shall be painted in bold white paint letters written with stencil, on the VESSEL

10.5No equipment shall be released for shipment until the authorized inspector approves it.

10.6Equipment to be delivered to HPCL LUBE Refinery and to be unloaded at PDA unit with the help of owner’s crane. Necessary manpower ,slings ,D-shackle be arranged by vendor. Transit insurance to be arranged by the vendor.


12.1The vendor shall guarantee that the equipment furnished is free from fault in design, workmanship, and material and is of proper size and capacity and is of proper material to fulfill satisfactory conditions specified. If any defect in design, material or workmanship develops before or during the guarantee period, the supplier shall agree to make necessary or desirable alterations, repair and shall pay transportation cost involved to and from the user’s plant. No allowance will be made for alterations, or repairs made by others without written consent or approval of supplier. If the defect or failure to function cannot be corrected, the supplier shall agree to replace promptly, free of charges, said equipment or to remove the equipment and refund the full purchase price.

12.2The guarantee period unless otherwise indicated in the tender documents shall be 12 months from the date of commissioning or 18 month from the date of dispatch whichever is later.


13.1Vendor shall submit a detailed plan of the program regarding anticipated time in submission of drawings for approval, approval by third party and stage-wise inspection and approval for all stages of fabrication, assembly and testing. This shall also include miscellaneous activities viz. Painting, welding of supports/ gussets, packing and forwarding until the consignment reaches HPCL site. Detailed BAR CHART including all minor activities also shall be submitted within one week after receiving the purchase order.

13.2Delay in issue of drawings or issue of drawings in parts by vendor for owner’s approval shall in no way constitute a reason for extension of delivery time. HPCL will take 1 weeks for drawing approval after receipt of vendor drawingsVendor tosubmit drawings within in 2 weeks from the date of LOI/PO which ever is earlier.Any ambiguity in the tender is to be sorted with HPCL design department prior to quoting.

13.3The code numbers and tags number of the equipment to be clearly indicated in all drawings.

13.4Approval of the drawings by the owner does not in any way absolve the vendor from the responsibility to ensure that all the parts being fabricated are together compatible when assembled as whole.

13.5All third party inspection, transit insurance charges shall be payable to vendor after production of authentic documents to HPCL.


A)Vendor drawing should contain the following details while submitting drawings/ Transparencies. All drawings shall be developed on AutoCAD 2000

  1. Common Vendor’s Drawing number on each drawing with no. of sheets.
  2. Vendor’s signature for checked & approved on tracing.
  3. As built stamp on updated drawing.
  4. All related drawing description & reference no. to be mentioned on general arrangement drawing , for ready reference.
  5. Size of the drawings should be A1 only .
  6. Furnishing the As-built tracing, 2 prints along with AutoCAD 2000 CD

Vendor shall submit following documents at different stages as described below :

P = Prints R = Reproducible

Documents For Approval Final


Design Calculations 3 P 5 P *

Fabrication drawings 4 P 5 P+1R *

Stage Inspection Reports * 4 p 5 P

Final Inspection Reports * 4 P 5 P

Material Test Certificate * 4 P 5 P

NDT Records * 4 P 5 P

Guarantee Certificate - 5 P


1) Documents Marked * thus shall be submitted duly signed & approved by Inspection –in-Charge.

2) Vendor shall submit untearable good legible reproducible.

The following are to be submitted within one week in Data Folder after completion of the job with due signature & stamp for HPCL’s records :-

  1. Guarantee Certificate for the material supplied by the vendor as per Guarantee clause given above.
  2. Material Summery Chart
  3. Test Certificates & Inspection reports
  4. Heat treatment chart,
  5. Rub off
  6. WPS (Welding Procedure Spec.
  7. PQR (Procedure Qualification Record
  8. Radiography Chart / Report / Films
  9. Hydrotest Report
  10. Final Dimension report
  11. One no. As-Built transparencies (non tearable Technova or equivalent film of 50 Micr)
  12. 5 copies of As-built drawing prints
  13. AutoCAD CD – 2NOS for As-Built drawings.

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