Does Torah & Enoch Provide For A Day More Than The Required 364?

Since the solar year is no longer 364 days as prescribed by Scripture and seen in the writings of Enoch and Jubilees we have a big dilemma-or do we? The recent discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls has brought us an insight to the Zadokite Priestly Temple Schedule as per 1 Chronicles Ch.24, which was at a time after the solar year changed to 365.25 solar days. How did they handle this dilemma? The answer is found in the Book of Enoch.

The Great Gate

השער הגדול

Enoch describes the renewal of the seasons at a place called the “Principle Gates” or rather 3 Principle Gates, Summer, Autumn and Winter. But what of Spring? This is where we find the reckoning-start of the year, where we observe the Great Renewal Enoch aptly calls the “GREAT GATE”.

At this Gate is where the last day[s] of the year are held until the announcement of the Spring Equinox by the great marker the Aviv Ot in the heavens, the Sun. If this Great Gate did not have a special purpose, why would Enoch distinguish it from the other gates? If it didn’t have a distinctive purpose, wouldn’t he have just called it a Principle Gate which ushers in the Spring season?

Let’s take a moment and look at the meaning of this word “Great-Gadol”-

British Dictionary definitions forGREAT/ɡreɪt/


1. Relativelylargeinsizeorextent;big

2. Relativelylargeinnumber;havingmanypartsormembers:agreat assembly

3. Ofrelativelylongduration:agreatwait

Enoch 75:6 After these proceed the south winds through three principal gates; through their first gate, which inclines eastwards, proceeds a hot wind. [SUMMER]

Enoch 75:7 But from the middle gate proceed grateful odor, dew, rain, health, and life. [AUTUNM]

Enoch 75:8 From the third gate, which is westwards, proceed dew, rain, blight, and destruction. [WINTER]

Enoch 71:8 The sun sets in heaven, and, returning by the north, to proceed towards the east, is conducted so as to enter by that gate, and illuminate the face of heaven.

Enoch 71:9 In the same manner it goes forth in the first month by the GREAT GATE. [SPRING AVIV 1]

Rebuilding is exactly what we are doing in the Great Gate HaShar-HaGadol as we wait for the return of the New Year marked by the Sun. The GREAT GATE is great in that it is designed to CONNECT TWO DIFFERENT YEARS. Day 364 enters the Great Gate and manifests as Aviv 1. Solar Day 365.25 as it is waiting in the Great Gate, never to manifest to man. The Spring Equinox marks the fourth day of the first week, for that is when the luminaries in the heavens were assigned their duties. The Shabbat is then counted from the 4th day and falls 3 days later on Aviv 4 every year, from year to year le-olam-va-ed forever! From there we merely count every seven days, until the Great Gate and the rebuilding and turn of the new year on Aviv 1.

Enoch 75:1 -The leaders of the CHIEFS of the thousands, which are appointed over the whole creation and upon all the stars, are counted together with the four leaders of the seasons; they do not leave from the fixed stations according to the reckoning of the year; and they render service on the four days which are not counted in the reckoning of the year.

Who are these leaders of the chiefs of the thousands? They are none other than the leaders of the constellation or the Houses of the Sun, which mark the Chodesh months-that is the Mazzaroth. Enoch tells us that they are counted with the leaders of the four seasons and render service to these seasonal leaders. They are Pisces-Spring, Gemini-Summer, Virgo-Fall and Sagittarius-Winter. Just like the seasonal markers, these four chiefs are YHWH’s set-a-side markers of time. YHWH’S time is circular and as instructed by Enoch, we learn that the year is bound to the month which is bound to the Shabbat.

Now regarding he uncounted day in the Great Gate. Twice in the book of Jubilees, four times in the book of Enoch, we are commanded to make the year 364 days ONLY. This leaves an uncounted day, the 365.25th day. Though it's not counted in the days of the year it does serve other purposes.

1. The ancient Hebrews were forbidden to name their days and months, they counted them. Before the calendars of man and his religions named the days and made them perpetual, the year ended on the count of the 364th day. The 365.25th day acted as a partition to separate the old and New Year, and stopped the count of days.

2. The calendar of our Father is self sustaining and self correcting, needing no involvement by man. The 365.25th day acts as a buffer, to allow the self correcting nature of the calendar to work properly. The gentiles and rabbinical Jews are perplexed by it and try to fix and intercalate it creating a mess with all holy days way off Torah time. Israel and people of faith on the other hand, realize that it needs NO FIXING WHATSOEVER and that the 365th day serves as a day to get prepared for the SIGN OF THE AVIV and the first Shabbat just 3 days after that. This Master design is designed so that even without internet or human interaction, any man or woman deserted alone with just food and a stick, can SEE THE VISIBLE SIGN OF AVIV after counting 365 sunrises, find Aviv 1 and the first Shabbat just 3 days later. From that point he counts every 7 days for the other weekly Shabbats.
Time is to be taken from where our Father places His Name and where the priests of old declared the Spring Equinox, at the first Temple, beginning the New Year. So with a universal time and a universal place the only other determining factor is dependent on sunrise in Jerusalem, which began a new day. If the equinox was declared before sunrise that would be the day of the Spring Equinox; if in the dark of the night, the next sunrise would be the day of the Spring Equinox. So, with a universal place and time, the 365.25th day acted as a buffer to allow the whole earth to finish their count of 364 days and the whole earth would begin the New Year together, on the same day, with the same count of days. The VISIBLE SIGN OF THE SHABBAT WOULD BE VISIBLE EVERY YEAR, AS IT RESETS, just in case folks forgot when it was and didn’t want to consult the pagans