Wellness Party Outline


  • Choose a date for your “Wellness Party”.
  • At least 2 weeks aheadCALLand invite(DO NOT SEND FLYER BEFORE CALLING) at least 10-15 people (over invite) and if possible 3-5 Unfranchise owners with product testimonials. Use invitation script for your phone calls (pg.3).
  • Text/Email invitation after you have called them 1st. Download the invitation form
  • Be sure to follow up with a reminder call a day or 2 before the event
  • If you have people that cannot attend, use invite Script and schedule a 1 on 1 meeting.

MEET AND GREET (1/2 hour) Make it fun and use Raffle tickets

  • Hand out nametags
  • Greet all guests and give them 3 raffle tickets for coming.
  • Have each guest sign sheet with email and phone
  • Hand out Wellness Survey. Give them 2 more Raffle tickets for filling it out.
  • (Optional) Serve shakes in the kitchen with fruit, ice, etc. This is the perfect time to have TLS shakes as a meal replacement or snack.
  • Serve healthy snacks like veggie & fruit trays.
  • Be sure to keep the meet and greet to 1/2 hour.
  • Keep the presentation to 1hour max.


  • Open the meeting
  • Welcome and thank everyone for coming
  • The education you are going to receive has made a big difference in my family’s life and mine.(Give a 2-minute commercial. Example I am a ______and I also own my own Internet Franchise. I specialize in the Health, Wellness & Anti Aging division.
  • Introduce and edify the guest speaker/presenter


  • Ask everyone to share their name, occupation & where they are from.
  • You are going to be empowered tonight with some great education from a naturopathic Doctor
  • Thank you for coming. Our goal is to share with you important information that can improve the quality of your health
  • Let the guests know to pay close attention to the video as you will be stopping and asking questions.

If they know the correct answer, they will get another RaffleTicket.

Play Part 1 of Dr. Sheryl Wellness Party

  • Daily Essential Kitpause the Video Once or twice and ask a Raffle ticket question * See Wellness Event Q & A Sheet below
  • After the end of Daily Essential ask 1 or 2 more questions give more Raffle tickets
  • Mix samples in frontof guests (on a small table use Daily Essential packet containing Multivitamin, Calcium, B and OPC-3. Serve samples in small Dixie cups.)
  • Ask for testimonials from kit or any of the 4 key supplements Isotonix OPC-3, B-Complex, Calcium or Multivitamin.

“Now we are going to watch the second part of the video about the importance of Digestive Health.(Stop video at least 1 time and ask questions. See Wellness Event Questions Sheet. Give more raffle tickets for correct answers)

Now sample Aloe Juice (best served cold) and Digestive Enzymes

Testimonials - have some of the other business owners or customers give their brief testimonial about aloe, digestive enzymes or probiotics.

  • During testimonials hand out Order Forms & Product Kit Flyer

Take the orders

  • Invite them to place their orders at the order table- 1st one who places their order gets 2 more raffle tickets
  • Option 1 using Square:sell from inventory and/or collect money so you can place their order after event.
  • Option 2 Using your personal Shop.com/______or your Isotonix.com/______register him/her as a preferred customer and place order immediately.
  • We will be around to answer your questions
  • My time is yours and we will come around to help each one of you individually to determine what you might need.

Thank you very much for your time! Remember good health is our own responsibility!


  • ALL DISTRIBUTORS: Migrate around the room, identify guests that have been engaged first offering personal help


Invite Script to Wellness Party

“What are you doing next (date& time)?(Wait for response) When they ask why, (after they have told you that they are free or busy) I am having a fun “Wellness Party and I really want you to come. Some of our friends are getting together to learn some ways to improve the health of our family naturally. I think you will love the education. It’s going to be lots of fun. (Reply) It will be so great to see you. Can I count on you to attend?

Follow Up Call 1-2 days before Party - Script

Hi ______I am really looking forward to seeing you on (Date_____) for my” WellnessParty”. I know you are going to enjoy the party. It will be great to see you.

Call Back Those Who Could Not Attend - Script

Hi ______. I just wanted to follow-up with you regarding the Wellness Party I had here at my house. It went so great. Those who attended loved the education. I know you are very interested in your health so I want to do a private overview with you. Let’s sit down and have a cup of tea or coffee, so I can share some of this information with you. What is your schedule this week?” (When you meet them watch Dr. Sheryl Wellness Party video then sample products, share testimonials and take their order.)

Or text themask when they would have 13minutes to watch the short video titled Discover the power of Isotonix.

Once they give you a time they are going to watch the video, set appointment to answer their questions and take their order or you could give them the Daily Essential 3 day sample along with cup and survey. *Remember it is important not to give out the sample unless you book the time to pick up the survey.


“Hi ______. I just wanted to follow-up with you regarding your wellness products. Have you started taking them? How are you taking them? I am very excited about how much we can really do to help ourselves maintain health. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call. I will be in touch in a couple of weeks to check in on you. Thank you for your business.”

*If they are feeling any detox symptoms (example: headaches, fatigue, skin breakouts) they should pass within a few days. Encourage them to drink plenty of water and get extra rest. Don’t stop taking their supplements

Follow Up:

  • Be sure to follow up the next day and in 7 days to see if they are taking the supplements properly.
  • Ask for referrals of others who they would like to help.
  • Always be looking for possible business partners. The people who want to share this with others and express a desire for additional income are a perfect fit.
  • Ask if they are interested in learning more about a profitable Health & Wellness business. If yes, share the Health & Wellness Business recorded webinar (25 min) by Dr. Sheryl & Chuck(Free download at TeamSuccessbuilders.com under Prospecting)



*Wellness Event Raffle Questions

Daily Essential Kit

Q) Who can tell me the difference of the Isotonix delivery system?

A) Close to having an IV of nutrients, stomach recognizes it as its own bodily fluids like tears and saliva. Stomach doesn’t have to digest them so they pass right thru to the small intestines and into the blood stream.

Q) Which Isotonix Supplement can help with inflammation?

A) OPC-3

Q) Why do we need B vitamins?

A) Energy, Nervous System, Heart Health, Digestion of Protein, Fats and Carbohydrates

Q) Which 3 B vitamins need to be activated for best absorption?

A) B-6, Folic Acid and B-12

Q) How many oz of water does each cap of Isotonix need to be isotonic?

A) 2oz water with each capful of Isotonix powder

Q) Which product helps to open blood vessels and supports healthy cholesterol and blood pressure?

A) OPC-3

Q) Which Isotonix supplement, taken before bed, helps with deep sleep?

A) Calcium with magnesium

Digestive Kit Questions

Q) What are the biggest symptoms of poor digestion?

A) Bloated stomach, constipation or diarrhea

Q) Why is it dangerous to take acid blocking medicine on a regular basis?

A) These meds block digestion leading to malnourishment and osteoporosis

Q) Which natural supplement can soothe and coat the digestive track?

A) Aloe Juice

Q) Can Aloe help to grow new epithelial cells in the lining of the stomach?

A) Yes

Q) What do digestive enzymes do?

A) Breakdown food so it can be easily digested.

Q) What happens when we get older to our digestive enzymes?

A) We have less hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes so we don’t break down our food as well plus our stomach senses this and may make too much acid.

Q) What destroys friendly bacteria or probiotics?

A) Antibiotics, coffee, excess sugar.

Q) What percentage of friendly verses unfriendly bacteria do we need to have a healthy gut?

A) 80% friendly and 20% unfriendly.

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