Piedmont SLT Meeting Notes - Meeting began at 8:00am in the Media Center

November 2, 2015

Members Present:

Jackie Barone (Principal) Stephanie Roberson (Chair) Ricki Barley (PTSA President)

Dawn Johnston (IB Coordinator)

Mrs. Sellars (Parent) Mrs. Gantt (Parent) Mr. Morton (Parent)

Teachers: Ronny Reddig, Maranda Thornburg

The School Improvement Plan and the School Safety plan are in place and approved. These documents can change and SIP is a living document. The safety plan will not be posted.

Open house dates are coming soon. Starting a little later than usual this year to make sure we have clarification for parents. Waiting to see what the school board decides on transportation and magnet requirements. Want to make sure we are well informed for our open house guests.

There will be no “shadowing” days, but we will have and open house in Jan. on our early release day. We will have students available to answer questions and to give tours. Students will not get to see classes in session, but will get a good look at the school. Please try to attend parents if you can. Our parents and students are our best advertisers.

The lottery will close, but we will continue to have once a month coffee’s to answer questions for parents still interested in Piedmont after the lottery close date.

There is a possible elimination of the shuttle stops. Nov. 10th is the day the representatives will vote on this. If parents want to voice an opinion in regards to this issue they should contact their rep. individually. There will not be another open forum for discussion. There may be some alterations to the magnet entrance requirements. Jackie still does not have the specifics on this. Will share as soon as she knows. Dec. 5th is the date the lottery opens. Remember that the lottery is not based on first come first served.

Reports go home this Thursday and they will have the map scores attached. Expect to see growth throughout the school year.

Each grade level shared current activities and key dates for upcoming events.

Musical next week.

Meeting adjourned 8:25