Revenge and Justice EssayRough Draft Peer-Edit Paper Author:______Editor______

yes / no / Requirements Self-check your final draft
Paper has a creative title (not “English Essay”)
Introduction includes clear definitions of revenge and justice
Introduction includes clear thesis statement that answers the question “What is the difference between revenge and justice?” Identify and underline the thesis statement (check with author)
Each body paragraph begins with a topic sentence that states the main point in support of the thesis
Each body paragraph has supporting arguments and examples from works read in this unit.
Essay contains at least two supporting quotations from works read in this unit
Each quotation is properly punctuated and cited. (See page 120-121in A Pocket Style Manual)
Each quotation is properly introduced (See pages 116-118 in A Pocket Style Manual)
Each quotation is thoroughlyanalyzedand is shown to support the thesis.
Each quotation is no more than three lines long. (Quote only the most important part!)
The conclusion discusses why it is important to know the difference between revenge and justice or why the difference is significant in some way.
The conclusion is interesting and relevant
The essay is at least4 paragraphs long
Includes a correct Works Cited entry (See section 32b in A Pocket Style Manual)
The essay is written in the literary present
The essay is written in a formal tone with no slang or informal phrases such as idioms
There are no personal pronouns (I, we, you, us, etc.)
There are no contractions (don’t, couldn’t, that’s, he’s, they’re, etc.)
Spelling and grammatical errors have been corrected

Discuss with your partner any overall comments and suggestions for the essay, as well as any particular issues with the items listed above. Write your main suggestions on the paper.

Revenge and Justice Essay Rubric / Possible points / Points received
Introduction: Introduces essay topic. Includes definitions of revenge and justice and clear thesis. / 5
Focus: Thesis clearly presents a well-stated argument that answers the question “What is the difference between revenge and justice?” All points in the essay work to support the thesis. Stays on topic. Is not too vague or wandering. / 10
Support and Elaboration: Consists of accurate, specific, developed details and at least two quotations that work to support the main point. Demonstrates a skillful choice of quotations and relevant details. / 20
Quotation Sandwiches: The quotations are properly introduced and provide adequate context to orient the reader. The quotations are followed by an insightful and thorough analysis that explains how the quotation supports the thesis. / 20
Conclusion: Provides an insightful and interesting conclusion to the essay. Explains significance of the difference between revenge and justice. / 5
Organization and Coherence: Organizational structure establishes relationships between and among ideas and/or events. Consists of a logical progression of ideas and/or events and is unified and complete. Topic sentences state the main point of the paragraph and connect to the thesis. / 10
Style: Demonstrates awarenessof audience,purpose and medium. Exhibits skillful use of vocabulary that is precise and purposeful (word choice). Shows skillful use of sentence fluency. Written in the literary present. / 10
Conventions: Exhibits reasonable control of grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization.
Uses italics and quotation marks correctly for the titles of works. / 10
Correct Citations: All quotations are cited accurately and punctuated correctly. The works cited entry is in correct MLA style. / 10
Paper Requirements: At least 4 paragraphs, typed, 12 pt Times New Roman font, double spaced, 1” margins.
The paper was turned in on time both in class and on (deduction if late--5% per day)