To the Campus Community:

For the week of 24 August 2009, I expect the following work to be taking place on campus:

Warning Sirens – A test of the siren system will take place on Friday, 28 August at 4pm.

Kirner-Johnson : The contractor will be completed with the vast majority of punch list items by Wednesday, 26 August. One last major item is a final balancing of the mechanical system, which has yet to be scheduled. More information on this effort will be provided once known.

Benedict Hall : Installation of the heating system continues. Completion is expected by mid-September.

Bristol Center : Replacing the waterproofing on the deck areas is not completed. Rainy weather has continued to disrupt this work.

Steuben Field – Installation of the new field turf is in progress and is expected to be completed by 1 September. Paving of the border around the field will take place this coming week as will the installation of the two camera poles and scoreboard. Fencing will be installed after the completion of the paving. Grading of the area between Dunham and Steuben Field is 95% complete. Seeding of this area will take place prior to 1 September. Installation of the landing area for the relocated shot put circle will begin this coming week. All work is scheduled for completion prior to the Labor Day Weekend.

Emerson Hall : 22 of 28-500 foot wells for the building’s geothermal heating/cooling system have been drilled. 40 yards of concrete were poured on Friday for the eastern foundation wall of the bookstore and eastern entrance. All the new structural joists supporting the second floor have been installed. New support beams/joists on the second floor installation for support of the third floor is in progress. Installation of the basement subfloor under-drainage in the old structure is 80% complete.

Floor plans for the facility, a drawing of the construction area and temporary pathway, and a general video walk-through of the first floor can be located on the Physical Plant website -

Storm and Sanitary Water Systems – Filming of sanitary sewer lines has been delayed until this coming week.

Work Completed:

East and West Bundy Residence Halls – All four apartments have been completed.

Physical Plant Parking Lot – Repaving of the lot is complete.

List Art Center – Installation of the new fume hood for the print making studio is complete.

This will be the last update for the summer. Updates on Emerson Hall, Bristol Center and Steuben Field will be provided as any major changes occur.

It has been an incredible summer, and I want to thank the entire campus community for their flexibility in working around the various construction projects.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Physical Plant at 4500.

Steve Bellona