KAE4-HA Association Meeting

October 25, 2016

President Robyn Deines called the meeting to order at 1PM in room 227 of the Kansas State Student Union in Manhattan, Kansas. Roll Call was answered by “What are you most looking for the fall of 2016?”

4-H and Pledges

Minutes from the Spring Meeting – Beth Dresher moved to suspend the reading of the minutes and pass them.and Julie Traxson seconded, motion approved.

Communications – There were three Thank You notes from Jodi Besthorn, Jill Martinson and Sarah Keatley for their DSA and MSA awards

Additions to the agenda – Jill Martinson suggested that under New Business we talk about giving a donation to ESP for hosting the National Meeting in 2018.

Comments from the State 4-H Program Interim – Diane Mack

  • She thanked everyone for all of the work that they have done with their 4-H’ers in their Local Extension Unit.
  • Marketing – How great to see all of the pictures and social media marketing across Social Media.
  • 484H – Great job to Youth Council and Beth Hinshaw for all of their work to help youth learn about the importance of Service Learning.
  • Currently excepting applications for the Department head and State 4-H Leader – thanked Dr. Stone for her service to Kansas 4-H.
  • Excited to celebrate Ann Domsch who was the National 4-H Hall of Fame inductee, it will be at 2PM on Wednesday in the Union
  • Program Rally – Make sure to sign up, the registration deadline is November 15. There are sessions for districts and districting afterwards.

Officer Reports

President – Robyn Deines – Looking forward to helping Karla learn the ropes. Excited to see 4-H programs grow across the state.

Past President – Beth Drescher – Looking forward to becoming a member. She has been excited to see everyone grow together in the program.

President Elect – Karla Hightower – Make sure that you sign up for Committees. Looking forward to her new leadership position. Make sure that you sign in on the roll call form.

Secretary – Sarah Keatley – Communications are going around the room – looking forward to continuing her leadership in the organization.

Treasurer- Lindsey Friesen – We did not need to use anything from savings, we had just over $900 ahead of what was in our budget. The new budget is presented.

Newsletter – Patsy Maddy – Looking forward to doing the newsletter for the next 2 years. If anyone has any pictures or comments form NOLA, or pictures and/or programs that they are doing in their Local Extension Unit please send those to Patsy for her to include.

KEAA – CandisMeerpohl/Jill Martinson – No report.

Area Director Reports

NW – Patsy Maddy – Will have a new Regional Director starting Tuesday – Dr. Wayne Moore. Michelle Berens joined the Midway District as the 4-H Youth Development Agent. Alyssa Rippe has joined the Twin Creeks District – livestock/Hort with 4-H Maintence.

SE – Julie Traxson– Katie Rohling has joined the Wildcat Extension Distrirct as the 4-H Youth Development Agnet, Mandy Marney has joined the Wildcat Extension District as the Direcitor. Katrina Curry is the Cherokee County 4-H Youth Development Agent, Hannah Anderson is the Harvey County 4-H Youth Development Agent, Anne Pitts is the Harvey County FCS Agent. Elizabeth Gatz is the Sumner County FCS/4-H Agent. County

SW – Amy Sollock– Mary Sullivan has moved to the SW Area Regional Director

NE – Ginger Kopfer – Nicole Crossen – Wyandotte County, Dr. Chris Onstead has joined the Administrative Team as the NE Regional Director.

State – Sarah Keatley – We are currently taking applications for our State 4-H Leader.

Committee Reports

Diversity Committee – CandisMeerpohl–Discussed having an educational speaker at Spring Meeting (discussion about poverty or a poverty simulation area). Chair elect is CandisMeerpohl

Lady Cat Committee – Sarah Maass- Sat. February 11, Tip off is at 1PM. We will be playing Iowa State. Cost is $20 – we will have online payment and registration. Flyer will be available shortly, information will be in Tip Sheet and Tuesday Letter. We will have a promotional table, a shout out from the team and our promotional video. CoChairs-Elect – Sarah Keatley and Jodi Besthorn and Chair Elect Elect – Jennifer Murphy.

Member Recognition – Jenny McDaniel – A great year for our award applicants. All of the Service Awards were filled, Jodi Besthorn (MSA), Sarah Keatley (DSA), Jill Martinson (DSA), Patsy Maddy (ASA), CandisMeerpohl (ASA), Sarah Maass – National Winner for Educational Technology Team Award, Beth Dresher – Regional Winner for Military Kids. The Clover Award will be given on Thursday to Dave Kehler, Butler County Director and Ag Agent.

Policy and Resolution – Pam VanHorn will be the chair elect.

Programs – Lindsey Friesen – Had a very successful states night out in NOLA – Twenty from Kansas attended the dinner at Mulate’s. From more seafood than we could handle to Ribeyes bigger than our hands, accordion playing, dancing and bread pudding. We are looking forward to clover Night this evening at Sunset Zoo. Join us at 8PM for appetizers, snacks, sodas and Live Animal Roamers. There are 49 pre-registered, but if you haven’t, still plan to join us and pay $15 at the door. –

Professional Development – Patsy Maddy – Chair Elect is Julie Traxson – Tentative dates are April 19-20, 2017 for Spring Program Rally. It will be in NW Kansas at Oakley. We will have a presentation on Diversity – Socio Economic Povery Simulation. Day Camp and SPIN Clubs will also be discussed. Possible visits to the Fick Fossil Museum and Monument Rock which is one of the 8 Wonders of Kansas.

Research and Evaluation – Sarah Maass will be the chair elect for this committee.


KEAA/KSJCEP update and vote

There has been discussion for the last year about forming a KSJCEP to replace KEAA. Jill gave us the history on KEAA and what would be different from KEAA to a KSJCEP. If the motion happens on Wednesday, everyone who is a member of KEAA will be able to vote during the luncheon. Jodi Besthorn and Karla Hightower will be able to help with assuring 4-H Agents are able to get a ballot. Jill was available for questions and comments afterwards.

Life Membership Involvement

Robyn has spoken to the life members, they are okay being life members – and if we need them to help us with something, just to let them know.


Approval of Treasurer reports

Ginger Kopfer moved to approve, Anna Muir seconded – no discussion – motion passed

Approval of Committee Reports

Sarah Maass moved to approve, Amy Sollock seconded – no discussion – motion passed

Recognition of Outgoing Officers, Directors and Chair-people

Recognition of incoming Officers, Directors and Chair-people

Discussion of Donation to ESP for National Meeting in 2018

Corinne Patterson made a motion to donate $1000 to the ESP National Meeting that will be held in Manhattan in 2018. Anna Muir seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Other Celebrations

Jill Martinson thanked Robyn Deines for the beautiful corsages that her mother made for the Award winners at National Meeting.


Please make sure you pick up your premium checks from the State Fair

Jodi Besthorn welcomed everyone to the PFT meeting on Thursday morning

Make sure that you register for Program Rally