Position Description

Position Title: Family Resource Specialist/Supervisor

Classification: Educator

FLSA STATUS: Exempt (Learned Professional)

Position Summary –The Family Resource Specialist/Supervisor (FRS)conducts intake and completesassessments for Healthy Families referrals/screenings. The FRS is the central point of contact for the Healthy Families program and receives all phone calls, emails, and faxed referrals. The FRS will coordinate service delivery with Healthy Families staff and community agencies to ensure seamless and non-duplicative service delivery. The FRS will conduct community outreach in order to promote the Healthy Families programsThe FRS also provides supervision for the Family Support Workers that meets the supervision standards for Healthy Families.

Position Qualifications -

Bachelor’s degree in human services or related field.

Minimum of 1 year of experience working with adults, young children, and families.

Supervisory experience preferred.

Knowledge of infant/ child development, attachment processes, early emotional development, parent-child relationships, and the special concerns of high-need mothers, babies, and their families.

Knowledge of risk factors for child abuse and neglect

Conduct data collection and assist in preparation of written reports to funding sources.

Ability to organize time effectively to meet assigned work demands

Ability to express and transmit ideas and knowledge clearly

Current and valid driver’s license and automobile liability insurance

Technical Competencies—

The FRS/Supervisor will…

Human Service Knowledge and Abilities

  • Keep informed of developments in the direct service field, early childhood developments and in related professional disciplines.
  • Training
  • Family Resource Specialist will complete all trainings and will develop competency in the following areas, as mandated by the program: Staff will complete all trainings as indicated by the “Training Log for New Employees,” “Healthy Families Orientation Form,” and “Community Resources Training.” These trainings will be completed within the specified deadlines, in addition to the attendance of CORE training.

Child abuse and neglect Infant care Child health and safety Maternal and family health Infant and child development Role of culture in parenting Supporting the parent-child relationship Family violence Substance abuse Staff-related issues Family issues

Mental health

  • Family Resource Specialist will apply training information appropriately as evidenced in supervision, through interactions with family support workers, clients, during agency sponsored parent activities, and in documentation of family progress.

Assessment/Case Planning/Service Provision

Act as central point of entry for all referrals and maintain ongoing communication with referral agencies to facilitate referrals and provide status of their referred families.

Conduct thorough bio-psychosocial and environmental assessment of referred families.

Provide information, referral and support in locating required support services.

Evaluate one’s own limitations, behaviors and biases and to manage own behavior constructively.

Apply knowledge of child development, parent-child interaction, family systems, preventive health, and the dynamics of child abuse and neglect in working with families.

Ability to evaluate own performance, capabilities, limitations and biases with reasonable self-reflection


Participate in agency data collection and analysis, specifically Performance Measurement System.

Enter all data as outlined in the program’s policies and procedures.

Respond to emails and phone calls within 24 hours.

Conduct and coordinate evaluation of the program according to program requirements in order to improve and advance service delivery and outcomes.


Meet with program manager as required on a weekly basis and come prepared by bringing up-to-date screenings, assessments, and other participant information for review and discussion.

Consult with supervisor as necessary when crises or situations out of the norm arise with assigned families.

Provide supervision to family support workers on a regular and as-needed basis to review client files and discuss strategies to most effectively meet family needs

Implement reflective supervision strategies that promote open communication, self-reflection, problem solving, and personal/professional growth.

Be prepared for and provide input at team and other agency meetings.

Community Collaboration and Training

Participate in community activities related to the program as assigned.

Collaborate and work cooperatively with community partners and referral sources.


All ReadyKids Employees will…

Strive for High Quality:

Maintain the highest integrity in all aspects of agency and program operations and duties.

Maintain flexibility when performing duties and interacting with others.

Set appropriate priorities and plan work systematically.

Maintain appropriate professional boundaries with clients, colleagues and donors.

Protect privacy and confidentiality of clients, colleagues and donors.

Participate in professional development and supervision to seek guidance, expand knowledge and use of best practices.

Embrace a Performance-Based Culture:

Set and make progress toward performance-based goals established for self, program, and the agency.

Seek and utilize data on an ongoing basis to inform decision-making in completion of all job duties.

Reflect on individual, program and agency results for continuous learning and quality improvement.

Be accountable for individual and program results and give and receive feedback to improve individual, program, and agency performance.

Participate as an Effective Team Member:

Treat people in a caring and respectful fashion, mindful of individual, cultural and ethnic differences.

Be respectful in verbal and written communication to and about clients and colleagues.

Actively communicate pertinent information to others in the agency who need to know.

Resolve issues with the person(s) most directly involved and encourage others to do the same.

Develop and maintain positive working relationships with co-workers and other community agencies in related fields.

Participate in scheduled agency and other team meetings.

Share Investment and Responsibility:

Know, understand and communicate the agency’s philosophy and mission.

Maintain passion and commitment to the agency’s work and the clients it serves.

Be proactive; give and receive input and seek solutions that balance the needs of the individual, program, agency, and community.

Provide clear and accurate information to potential clients, the community, other agencies and funders regarding the agency’s function and all current programs.

Respect and protect agency-owned property and assets and use agency resources for business-appropriate purposes.

Perform other duties, not listed here, deemed necessary for the well-being of the agency.

I have received and have had the opportunity to discuss the job description (above), copies of the performance evaluation form and an organizational chart for ReadyKids.


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