BungalowFest Transforms Neighborhood Into Public Gallery

Historic Kenwoodwill celebrate its Artist Enclave distinction this weekend during the neihborhood'sBungalowFest. The St. Pete City Council unanimously approved Kenwood's subimission to be an AEOD on October 16.

What does the distinction of being an "Artist Enclave Overlay District" mean for Kenwood? This distinction means that artists in the Kenwood community can now live, work and sell their pieces in the neighborhood. The designation allows artists to have home-based studios in specified areas of historic neighborhoods. This would allow artists in Kenwood to offer classes out of their homes, which would relieve them of having to pay for studio space.

For non-artists living in the area, the distinction will help strengthen the identity of Kenwood as a desirable place to work and live. It will illustrate the community as an area that fosters creative growth and encourages the spiritual progression of those in the area.

This designation comes after a 5-year push from the community. Now that Kenwood is officially a neighborhood for the arts they are celebrating with a 2-day event. On Saturday, November 1, Kenwood will host an evening Gala under the stars featuring the enclave artists. On Sunday Kenwood will offer a tour of homes in the district.

The evening Gala begins at 7pm and will feature dining and music under the stars. "Art In The Heart Of Kenwood," a brand new gallery, will showcase over 20 artists from the Artist Enclave. 15 local restuarants including Urban Brew & BBQ, Casita Taqueria, Brooklyn South and Community Cafe will be in attendance offering rare delights to attendees.

On Sunday, November 2, the public will get to explore the unique homes of the Kenwood District. The historic homes feature open porches, detached garages and unique architectural details. Their one-of-a-kind designs are emblematic of those who inhabit the neighborhood.

Ticketsfor the Saturday Night Gala Event, with complimentary passes to the tour of homes are $40 each. Tickets for just the tour of homes are $15 each. The Gala takes place at 2900 7th Ave N at 7pm. The Home Tour begins at 2900 3rd Ave N (Seminole Park) at 10am.

Photos by Historic Kenwood

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