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The Holiday Dinner Party– 2016

The holiday season is upon us and it is time to start planning for a gathering at your residence. In many families this is a time to get together and enjoy the season with both friends and family. This usually includes some sort of family dinner – ‘breaking bread together’. Your job is to plan the dinner as though it was at your house and you are in charge of everything!! You may plan a traditional turkey dinner or you may select non-traditional menu items of your own choice. There are many religious and cultural aspects to the Holiday season, so feel free to be creative – you are not limited to stereotypes.


Guest List:

  • Make a list of the people you wish to invite. Make note of the actual food allergies or preferences of each guest.
  • List the age of each guest.
  • You must invite a minimum of 4 people other than the ones already in your household
  • **Design an invitation card for bonus / exceeding**


  • Plan your meal to comply with the Canada Food Guidelines Ensure that you offer low calorie options for people who may require it. ***Designate your least healthy and most healthy options for each course***

List the appetizers, entrée items, dessert, and beverages in the order they will be served

  • Create and decorate an attractive menu, similar to one you might find in a fine restaurant.

Shopping List

  • Make a list of all the items you will need to buy and note the exact quantity of each item required. (You will need to purchase more than required of some items.)
  • Include any special decorations, napkins, or other extras you have as part of your dinner
  • Organize your list into categories. (eg. Vegatables, meats, spices …)


  • Beside each item on your shopping list you must have evidence of the price you are paying and the store you purchase it from. You may use ads or flyers, pictures or coupons as part of your evidence. ***This is vital to following the criteria for this project.***
  • You must calculate the total cost of your dinner party along with the taxes incurred for all items. ***BONUS / exceeding: calculate subtotals for each course of the dinner***
  • You must find out which items are taxed and which are not. GST 7% and PST 5% are the current rates.

In some cases Provincial Sales Tax (PST) doesn't need to be paid on purchases or leases.The following exemptions are available to everyone and don't require any documentation:

-food for human consumption (e.g. basic groceries and prepared food such as restaurant meals)

Time Management

  • You must plan out all the things you have to do in order to prepare for your dinner party, including the designing of the invitations and the time spent shopping.
  • Make a day by day schedule(itinerary) in order to be well prepared for your guests.
  • Make a specific schedule for the day of the dinner and when you start cooking, guests arrival , appetizers served, dinner served etc.


  • Think of ways that you will make this dinner special. Add any activities or ideas that you have.
  • ** If you want to include recipes, along with conversion from fractions or adjustments from one serving size to meal serving size, this is BONUS / exceeding***

One More Thing …..

*** There is more to this project than it seems- so be prepared. Start this project early so that you don’t get caught with too much work at the end! It may look easy at first but putting together a successful event is more challenging than you might think. Mr. Cupit and Mrs. Stoffberg will have additional tasks that can ‘pop up’ at any time. Just like in real life! ***

You will be marked by on the following criteria:

Accurate calculations – especially taxation and conversions showing how and why you needed each ingredient / product / food item

Organized work – are your calculations easy to follow? Do they make sense?

Creativity and effort – Did you clearly work hard on this project? If you weren’t inspired, did you persevere through it? Is there a ‘wow’ factor?

Following specifications - Is there enough food for everyone? Are there options for each type of diet or preferences?

NOTE: We will be walking to at least one grocery store for research on this project. Be prepared to take notes, take pictures and compile information. Have dinner ideas ready ASAP.