Week 3 – Study Guide – ELA 8th 3/4

Unit Focus: Doing the Right Thing – Character Development and Analysis

Self-Identity — What makes me who I am?

Guiding Questions:

  • How are our true “characters” developed? How are they shaped by the people in our lives and the events that we experience?
  • How do our character traits determine our actions and reactions to life events? How are we affected by the actions/reactions of others?
  • How are we affected by peer pressure? How do we learn about what is right and what is wrong?
  • What effect does a person’s appearance have on the way they are viewed and treated by others? Do we stereotype groups of people based on appearances?
  • What defines true friendship? How are friendships important to our development?
  • What is heroism? Does heroism who its face only in extraordinary events or can it also be demonstrated in day to day activities?

Assignment / Due Date
  • Labor Day – No School.
  • Achieve 3000 – Minimum 75% required to get all points.Achieve 3000 Must be Completed – One paragraph minimum for poll and thought questions.
  • A Hero? Yes.
  • Can You Take the Heat? (LEAP Challenge)
  • Global Conflicts: Putting an End to Child Labor (Bonus)
  • Vocabulary Quiz Friday (25 Points)

  • Introduce and go over New Vocabulary
  • “The Outsider” Packet – Chapters 3-5 due Friday.
  • Achieve 3000 – Due Friday (50 Points)
  • Complete “The Outsiders” Ch. 3 (Pg. 37-52) and start Ch. 4 (Pg. 53-58)
  • How to Analyze a Character? (7-8)
  • Part of 4th Hour: No Library day has been assigned, yet.
  • May go to the library if permitted.
  • Daily 25 Minutes of MindplayREQUIRED – Derrick, Dontrail, Alexander, Kedric, Deandra, and Eddie

  • How to Analyze a Character? (7-8) – Choose top three favorites.
  • Complete “The Outsiders” Ch. 4 (Pg. 59-67) and start Ch. 5 (68-77)
  • Poetry Analysis (20) – TP CASTT in pairs
  • Daily 25 Minutes of MindplayREQUIRED – Shane, Bervick, Christopher, Jaheim, James, and Jada.

  • Complete “The Outsiders” Ch. 5 (Pg. 78-84) and start Ch. 6 (85-92)
  • Kahoot! Vocabulary WAR! (and possible Kahoot! bonus WAR!)
  • Daily 25 Minutes of MindplayREQUIRED – Derrick, Dontrail, Alexander, Kedric, Deandra, and Eddie

  • Vocabulary Quiz Friday (25 Points)
  • Cold Read (25 Points)
  • Complete “The Outsiders” Ch. 6 (Pg. 93-99)
  • Watch first half of “The Outsiders.”
  • “The Outsider” Packet – Chapters 3-5 due.
  • Achieve 3000 Must be Completed – 1 paragraph min. for poll & thought questions.
  • Daily 25 Minutes of MindplayREQUIRED – Shane, Bervick, Christopher, Jaheim, James, and Jada.

Week 3 - 8th Grade Grammar – Learning the 6+1 traits.

  1. Ideas (The main message.) are the heart of the message.

  1. Organization (The internal structure of the piece.) is the internal structure of the piece.

  1. Voice (The personal tone and flavor of the author’s message.)is reader-writer connection – that something that makes a reader feel, respond, and want more.

  1. Word Choice (The vocabulary a writer uses to convey meaning.) is the skillful use of language to create meaning.
  • You must use at least one new vocabulary word in all of your writing – tests, quizzes, and class assignments.

  1. Sentence Fluency (The rhythm and flow of the language.) is the rhythm and beat of the language you hear in your head.

  1. Conventions (The mechanical correctness.). This includes punctuation, spelling, grammar, and usage, capitalization, and paragraph indentation. If you do not capitalize the pronoun I, the first word in a sentence, or proper names, I will subtract FIVE points from your CR/ER.

+ 1: Presentation (How the writing actually looks on the page.), and it will determine if someone wants to read your paper or not - this can overshadow your hard work.

Week 3 – Reading Vocabulary Words – ELA 8th

From the novel “The Outsiders” Chapters 3-5

gallantly / in a heroic or brave manner
sophisticated / having worldly knowledge and refinement
aloofness / a disposition to be distant and unsympathetic in manner
bleak / offering little or no hope
dumbfounded / as if rendered speechless with astonishment and surprise
cunning / showing inventiveness and skill
souse / immerse briefly into a liquid so as to wet, coat, or saturate
glint / a momentary flash of light
preservation / the activity of protecting something from loss or danger
savage / without civilizing influences
contemptuously / without respect; in a disdainful manner
bewildered / perplexed by many conflicting situations or statements
reformatory / correctional institution for the detention and discipline and training of young or first offenders
hermit / one retired from society for religious reasons
premonition / an early warning about a future event