ADOPTED - JUNE 14, 2016


Introduced by the County Services Committee of the:



RESOLUTION # 16 – 242

WHEREAS, the Ingham County Women's Commission presents the Lucile E. Belen Award to Eileen Delaney; and

WHEREAS, Eileen was nominated for her indomitable work ethic while serving her community; and

WHEREAS, she works tirelessly in her retirement as a volunteer for Leader Dogs for the Blind, an international organization that provides canine partners for the blind and visually-impaired empowering them with lifelong skills for safe and independent daily travel; and

WHEREAS, Eileen has opened her home to many future leader-dog pups and their mothers, many of the pups being born at Eileen’s home; and

WHEREAS, she has given countless hours to organize fundraisers and community events such as the Holt Lions Club Kids Day; and

WHEREAS, Eileen has demonstrated a kind, giving, hardworking and compassionate demeanor while volunteering when and where needed, as a wonderful example to her sons, grandchildren and her community; and

WHEREAS, the Ingham County Women's Commission created the Lucile E. Belen Award to help recognize women from Ingham County who do extraordinary things; and

WHEREAS, women strengthen our community every day in various ways and go unnoticed; and

WHEREAS, this award creates an opportunity to shine a spotlight on those who have had a positive impact in Ingham County.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Ingham County Board of Commissioners join the Ingham County Women's Commission in applauding Eileen Delaney for her outstanding community service, kindness, and tireless efforts on behalf of Leader Dogs for the Blind in Ingham County.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Board extends its best wishes to Eileen for good health and happiness and the best of luck in all of her future endeavors.

COUNTY SERVICES: Yeas: Nolan, Koenig, Bahar-Cook, Tsernoglou, Hope, Maiville

Nays: None Absent: Celentino Approved 6/07/2016