Sons of Zebedee

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date:Sunday, October3, 2010

Meeting Time: 9:15 – 11:00AM


Father Michael / Maureen Betz / Gary Collien / Tom Cox
Diane Giese / Carol Kremer / Ann May / Mike Merk
Jason Pettit / Steve Wessing

Not Present:

Rudy Jaeger / Bill Bendt

Opening Prayer – Carol Kremer

September Minutes - To be approved at next council meeting.

Election of Officers

Position / Nominee / Motion / 2nd Motion / Vote
Chair / Tom Cox / Gary Collien / Mike Merk / Unanimous
Co-Chair / Steve Wessing / Gary Collien / Mike Merk / Unanimous
Secretary / Jason Pettit / Diane Giese / Mike Merk / Unanimous

Financial Summary – Maureen Betz

September Summary

Description / Amount
Income / $11,184.09
Expenses / -$16,243.92
Net Income / -$5,059.83

Account Balances as of October 3, 2010

Description / Amount
Checking / $2,485.41
Raffle Savings / $28,448.19
Passbook Account / $3,653.78
Money Market / $51,779.67
Faith in Our Future / $27,953.23

September Highlights

  • Second portion of roofing expense was paid - $5,090.
  • Additional bills were received from the parish picnic.
  • September health insurance bill for Father Michael has not been received and may be incurred as a future expense.

September Discussion

  • Money Market Account Discussion
  • Trustees may look at the current Money Market interest ratesand evaluate better investment alternatives.
  • Current money Market Market interest rate is believed to be .99%.

Committee Liasons

The following persons were appointed as liaisons to the committees listed below:

  • Buildings and Grounds – Rudy Jaeger
  • Stewardship – Steve Wessing
  • Liturgy – Bill Bendt
  • Human Concerns – Diane Giese
  • Finance – Tom Cox
  • Evangelization – Steve Wessing

Vision 21

  • Next meeting scheduled on October 6, 2010 at 6:30 pm at St. Mary’s.
  • Linking meeting scheduled with Our Risen Savior on October 12, 2010at 7:00 pm.
  • Vision 21 meetings will be attended by Father Michael, the Chair and Co-Chair of the Church council.
  • Other council members expressed interest in attending the meetings and keeping parish members aware of the Vision 21 discussions taking place.

Chili Supper - October 16, 2010

  • Wait staff needed and council members are encouraged to sign up.

Committee Reports

Buildings and Grounds

  • 1 out of 3 bids have been received from contractors to add an additional bathroom toSt. John'shall.
  • $24,000 plus estimate from <need info>
  • Cook - bid only included wall studs and not masonry
  • Council is awaiting bids from contractors for St. James handicap access.
  • Site Winterization
  • Father Michael would like the committee to start thinking about what it will take to winterize the sites. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Need to winterize equipment.
  • Salt is need for sidewalks at both parishes.
  • Need bid for both locations for snow removal. Matt Steinke has done this in the past.
  • Bulbs need replacement at St. Johns.

Stewardship - Stewardship handbook shared by Steve Wessing.

Human Concerns

  • Lindee Kimball from the SolutionsCenter will be attending masses the 1st weekend November.
  • Crop Walk will be heldOctober 10, 2010. Several religious education students and parishioners will be walking.

Christian Formation

  • Religious education takes place every Sunday except the first Sunday of each month.


  • A secretary for our parish is needed - $9 per hour rate
  • 1 resume has been received and will be reviewed
  • Creation of a Personnel Committeewas discussed by the Council.
  • Father Michael plans on doing a Sabbatical in May to July 2011
  • Priests are eligible for a Sabbatical after 7 years
  • Father Michael has 18 years of service and is looking at two programs – one outside of London and the other inDublin
  • Arrangements for massesin Father Michael’s absence will be made by Father Michael. Daily masses may be suspended for this 3 month period.

Closing Prayer - Meeting Adjourned

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