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Course:Principles and Practice of Remote SensingCode: GEOG3051

Credits:0.5 CULearning Hours:20 hours

ECTS:Date of implementation: 3/2015

Change with effect from: Academic year 2015-16

Current Assessment Criteria / Proposed Assessment Criteria
Method of Assessment / % / Examination Length or coursework word count / Method of Assessment / % / Examination Length or coursework word count
Exam / 100 / 3 hours / Exam / 60 / 2
Poster presentation / 40 / ~1000
Rationale for proposed amendment:
The course has been 100% examination for some time. Feedback from students is that this form of assessment is generally unpopular and is in part likely to be a factor whichdeters students from choosing the module in the 3rd year. In addition, this is a rather narrow form of assessment which favours some students, while disadvantaging others, often leading to quite bimodal distributions of examination results. Lastly, the 100% examination assessment means there is less scope (or incentive) for students to explore remote sensing applications and read around the subject. By moving to a poster presentation session, this will reduce the emphasis on the examination and allow for more varied course content on the applications side of the course, and additional reading on a chosen subject. Students will be required to explore a particular remote sensing application based on (selected) leading publications from the last 12 months. They will then summarise this work in discussion/seminar session, as well as how to prepare and present and poster in the context of a scientific meeting including examples of good and bad practice. Finally, students will prepare a poster on their chosen topic, which will be presented at a poster session at the end of term. The convenor will discuss the work with the students at the session and assess each poster based on a set of fixed criteria including: understanding; depth and breadth of reading; clarity; presentation.

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EXAM:Written examination in the main period

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