My favourite rock group is EDDA WORKS. It is a Hungarian rock group. They are on stage more for than 20 years. They became famous in 1980. They have got 24 albums already: all of them are gold albums. Four from them are platinum albums, and two from them are diamond album too.

On 17 th December 1983 they split up but on the 7 th June 1985 they started again. They organized a concert on the 15 th September 2001 which took 10 hours. But they plan a megaoncert on the 3-4 th May 2002 which will last 24 hours.

They made an English album too. It's name is Fire & Rain. They are 5 men in the group:

Attila Pataky

Nickname: Attis

Sign: Cancer

Hobbies: sport, motorbikes

He is the founder of the group.

He is the vocalist.

Zsolt Gömöry

Nickname: Göme

Sign: Cancer

Hobbies: travelling, sport, cars

The member of EDDA: from 1985

He plays the keyboards.

István Alapi

Nickname: Steve

Sign: Lion

Hobby: musik

The member of EDDA: from 1987

He plays the guitar.

László Kicska

Nickname: Kicsi

Sign: Aquarius

Hobby: football

The member of EDDA: from 1991

He plays the guitar.

Zoltán Hetényi

Nickname: Heti

Sign: Pisces

Hobbies: musik, drums, sport

The member of EDDA: from 1996

I was 2 times on EDDA concert. It was fantastic. I got autograph from Pataky, Gömöri, Alapi and Hetényi. I was talking with them. It was super.

I like EDDA WORKS because they are nice, modest and quiet people.

Here you can read the titles of they songs in English:

The Circle

I stand in the center

With you around me

like a circle

Hating me

because I reject you

You reach out to touch me

Reach for the last survivor

Keep your frozen tears

I reject you

One day I'll break the circle

Can't hold me back forever

I'll always be the rejector

I'll be your bad man

You think I'm just a madman

You think that I'm just a loser

Don't think I'm under

Don't think the fight is over

Just because

You've gone against a loner

My name is Kristína Andová

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I have 17 years old.