Revised May 2015


The Firefighter II program shall serve to recognize those firefighters who have acquired the higher level of knowledge, skills, and abilities required by NFPA 1001 Standard for Firefighter Professional Qualifications. The program shall serve to enhance the image of the firefighter to the citizens of bowling green, and provide more lateral opportunities to firefighters within the Department. It is through this program that appreciation can be shown to those individuals who can act with little or no supervision, possess a high level of self-motivation, and possess a high level of dedication to a job well done. The Firefighter II program will provide stature to those individuals who act as an asset and represent the City of Bowling Green and its Fire Department favorably at all times.


All firefighters below the rank of Fire Apparatus Operator and meeting the minimum requirements for Firefighter II will be eligible to apply for assignment to this position by the method described herein.


The Firefighter II will be expected to maintain a high standard of conduct. All Firefighter II candidates will be expected to adhere stringently to the policies and procedures of the City of Bowling Green and its Fire Department and in addition, violation of the following items will result in the immediate denial of application for assignment to the Firefighter II position:

1. One substantiated citizen complaint within the previous year

2. Documented attendance problem or abuse of sick leave

( Exception- an employee will still be eligible if he reports late for work one time during the year.)

3. One documented disciplinary action within the previous year


Any Firefighter can apply for Firefighter II assignmentupon meeting the following requirements:

1. Four (4) years of consecutive service as a firefighter with the Bowling Green Fire Department.

2. Must have a satisfactory evaluation for the most recent annual evaluation prior to application.

There can be no deficiencies in the critical dimensions of the evaluation.

3. Must have completed and maintained Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification.

4. Must have completed the International Fire Service Accreditation (IFSAC) Firefighter I and

Firefighter II certification tests.


Each Firefighter will be responsible for completing and submitting his/her own application for consideration to the assignment of Firefighter II.

The firefighter may apply as soon as he achieves the minimum requirements listed in the Program.

Completed applications must be submitted to the evaluating Company Commander for consideration and approval. Upon receipt and consideration by the Company Commander the application will then be submitted by the Company Commander to the Assistant Chief for consideration and approval. Upon receipt and consideration by the Assistant Chief the application will be submitted to the Deputy Chief for consideration and approval. Upon receipt and consideration by the Deputy Chief the application shall be submitted to the Fire Chief for approval.

Any denial of application may be made at any level of supervision but must be accompanied by the reason for denial in writing and be specific as to the reason why application was denied.


The assignment will be effective at the beginning of the first pay period following approval by the Fire Chief.

Any Firefighter assigned to Firefighter II will retain that status while below the promoted position of Fire Apparatus Operator. Loss of this assignment shall require disciplinary action from the Fire Chief.

Upon promotion to the position of Fire Apparatus Operator, those employees assigned as Firefighter II after July 1, 2003 will have the assignment pay deducted from the base salary prior to calculating any promotional increase.


The appeals process will be the same as the grievance procedure outlined in the Administrative Personnel Policy and Procedures Manual for the City of Bowling Green.

Adopted 6/17/1997 MO 97-101

Amended 6/11/2002 MO 2002-115

Amended 11/2003 MO 2003-271

Amended 5/5/2015 MO 2015-70




BGFD Firefighter Employment Date:______

Most RecentEmergency Medical Technician Certification Date:______

International Fire Service Accreditation Congress Firefighter I certification date: ______

International Fire Service Accreditation Congress Firefighter II certification date: ______

I certify that I meet the minimum requirements set forth in the Firefighter II Program.

Applicant’s Signature:______

Date: ______


Company Commander: ______Approved Denied____

Assistant Chief: Approved Denied ____

Deputy Chief: Approved Denied ____

Fire Chief: ______Approved____ Denied ____

Date of Fire Chief Approval/Denial: ______

If denied, indicate reason(s) or attach written statement:




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