College of Arts, Social and Health Sciences

Part-time Instructor Teaching Positions

The University of Northern British Columbia, in conjunction with the College of Arts, Social & Health Sciences, invites applications for part-time term instructors to teach during the upcoming academic year (subject to budgetary approval). A list of available course sections can be found by going to the UNBC website at: and following the steps below.

Instructions for obtaining a list of courses:

  1. ‘Click’ on “Current Students” to obtain a course schedule
  2. Select the relevant semester in the drop down menu, and then ‘click’ on “Search Courses”
  3. View courses by selecting a specific Program in the drop down menu, as well as the campus location of the course
  4. ‘Click’ on “Search Courses” again to obtain a full list of course offerings by Program

Note: Available courses for part-time instructors which will be marked with the Instructor “TBA”

Candidates should possess a graduate degree plus relevant work experience and demonstrate the capability for effective teaching in the subject area of interest. (In a limited number of courses, including First Nations Studies language courses and Nursing clinical courses, candidates without a graduate degree may be considered.)

Candidates interested in teaching should contact or submit a curriculum vitae directly to the appropriate Program Chair (contact information is noted below). For more information on each Program, please visit the links provided below.

Anthropology Program

ANTH Courses,

Dr. Michel Bouchard, Chair

Telephone: (250) 960-5643


Economics Program

ECON Courses,

Dr.Baotai Wang, Chair

Telephone: (250) 960-6489


School of Education

EDUC Courses,

Dr. Andrew Kitchenham,Chair

Telephone: (250) 960-6707


English Department

ENGL Courses,

Dr. Karin Beeler, Chair

Telephone: (250) 960-6640


First Nations Studies Program

FNST Courses,

Dr. Gary Wilson,Chair

Telephone: (250) 960-5514


School of Health Sciences

HHSC Courses,

Dr. Shannon WagnerChair

Telephone: (250) 960-6320


History Program

HIST Courses,

Dr. Ted Binnema, Chair

Telephone: (250) 960-6662


International Studies Program

INTS Courses,

Dr. Ken Wilkening, Chair

Telephone: (250) 960-5768


Northern Studies Program

NORS Courses,

Dr.Gary Wilson, Chair

Telephone: (250) 960-5514


School of Nursing

NURS Courses,

Dr. Lela Zimmer, Chair

Telephone: (250) 960-6630


Political Studies

POLS Courses,

Dr. Boris DeWiel, Chair

Telephone: (250) 960-5662


Psychology Department

PSYC Courses,

Dr. Cindy Hardy, Chair

Telephone: (250) 960-5814


School of Social Work

SOCW Courses,

Dawn Hemingway, Chair

Telephone: (250) 960-5694


Women’s Studies

WMST Courses,

Dr. Jacqueline Holler, Coordinator

Telephone: (250) 960-6343


All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however, Canadians and permanent residents will be given priority. The University of Northern British Columbia is committed to employment equity and encourages applications from women, aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities and members of visible minorities.

Applications received 2-3 months prior to the start of the semester will receive first consideration; however applications will be accepted until thecourses have been assigned.