Rakesh Mannaravelil Rajappan


Work Mobile-00218913080170

Mobile:- 00919961321778


Career interest- ICSS Engineer ,Instrumentation Control system Engineer,Supervisor


To Associate with an organization which provides me challenging career and enhance my skills. Looking forward to be a part of the team that excels in achieving the assigned task leading to the growth of the organization.


Highly organized, self-motivated and detail oriented. Effective problem solver, proven leader and team player. Overall 12 years of expertise in Onshore, Offshore and FPSO oil& Gas Production / Processing Plants Instrumentation field as Engineer & supervisor and My Major responsibilities discharged during this period involve Construction ,FAT&SAT, Testing ,Pre-commissioning , commissioning and Start Up of Different Type Distributed control systems ,ESD systems, SCADA system and different kind of instruments ,Total Shutdown and Breakdown of Oil Gathering Stations, Offshore platforms and LNG upstream Facilities, Preventive maintenance, Faultfinding and Corrective maintenance activities in the field of process Instrumentation, Analyzers, Fire & Gas detection Instruments .Also I Have capability to handle all kind of trouble shooting in modern instrument control system , Calibration and maintenance of different type Pneumatic &Electronic Instruments in running plants without

any process disturbance. And I have capability to do the configuration of Allen Bradley PLC ,Emerson Delta V I/O Configuration and Asset management system (AMS) .ABB DCS, Foxboro DCS, Triconex ESD system ,Siemens STEP 7 PLC and Bently Nevada Vibration& Temperature system configuration.

Also Experience in system hardware installation, junction box installation, Instrument Installation and termination for the instrument cables & Fiber optics cables. Also Preparing P&ID and generating Control Narratives ,Cause and Effect and Interlock description for the system testing. Also Preparation of Dossiers (Through WINPCS&ICAPS) for equipment Installation ,pre-commissioning and commissioning ,PTW &HSE documents preparation ,Planning for daily Activities ,Managing material stock list and updating by using SAP. Writing daily report to the project management and coordinating the team players with out any problems in safe manner. Participate in tri-party punch list sub-system walk down at MC by sub-system .Inspecting mechanical completion prior to start commissioning activities and preparing final completion test report for the client .Conducting the safety meeting for the subordinate’s and explaining the hazard’s .

Professional Experience:-

Zueitina oil company-[ 08 October 2010- Present]

Working as a Instrument& Control Engineer for Zueitina oil company for maintenance of DCS control system (ABB),Siemens PLC,Alderley flow metering system and field instruments

Kar Refinery [15 February 2010-20 August 2010]

Worked as an Instrument DCS Specialist for Brunel Energy behalf of KAR Refinery (Iraq Kurdistan) for the preparation of SAT documentation, Installation of DCS&ESD panels ,Work station Installation ,Cable Routing ,Network Installation, preparation of DCS functional analysis documents , ESD system Cause& Effect drawings, Testing and commissioning of Emerson Delta V system.

Technip [17March 2009- 22 October 09]

Worked as an Instrument &control commissioning Engineer for Technip behalf of TOTAL(Yemen LNG company) for the Construction ,site acceptance test for Integrated control safety system (ICSS)such as Foxboro I/A Series DCS (PCS)and Triconex ESD system(PSS&FGS)(INVENSYS)

.Redundancy check up for the triconex controllers, I/O cards Diagnostic checkups. Foxboro I/A Series system diagnostic checkup. communication

check up with ESD system and package PLC”s .DCS Functional Analysis checkup, Loop checking functional logic testing , cause &effect checking,

profibus checking, serial link checking, Modbus checkup commissioning and startup of the Distributed control systems(Foxboro) ,Triconex PSS and PLC

packages for the utilities, LNG storage & loading facilities, Trains and jetty .Also commissioning of Boilers, Desalination Units Nitrogen Generation

package ,Polished water and GTG’s and SCADA .Functional check up for package PLC”s such as Siemens STEP7 ,Allen Bradley control Logix and Modicon PLC. Loop checking and commissioning of fire and gas system and sensors which includes, Smoke Detectors ,Heat Detectors , IR point gas detectors, IR line of sight gas detectors, UV/IR flame detection and Manual alarm call points. Also Modifying logics according to the requirements of the

Yemen LNG company and preparing dossiers, DCS control narratives and Interlock description documents through WINPCS & ICAPS.

Chiyoda Technip Joint Venture Qatar[25May 2008-24December 2008]

Worked as an Instrument Control System Supervisor with the team responsible for the Factory Acceptance Test of Emerson Delta V, site acceptance test, functional logic testing cause &effect checking and

commissioning of the Distributed control systems and PLC packages for the LNG inlet, utilities, LNG storage and loading facilities in Qatar Gas II LNG Project. The job involves Installation and Diagnostics check up for Emerson Delta V Foundation Field Bus System, Asset management system (AMS) , Triconex system (IPS &FGS),Trident(HIPPS) and PLC Package and SCADA system. Redundancy check up for the DCS and Triconex controllers ,instrument loop checking activities, functional testing of emergency shutdown, depressurization logics, functions related to compressors and turbines ,Rosemount tank gauging system testing and commissioning ,loading Arm sequence and ESD signal testing& commissioning complex sequence controls and interlocks which are provided in Instrument Control and safety systems. Communication checkup such as Modbus. OPC, Serial communication, Ethernet communication,RS232,RS485

.Also testing of Delta V system network such as Plant Information Network(PIN),Operator station network(OSN),Operator station(OS) and Asset management system(AMS).Also well Experienced in configuration ,Commissioning and Decommissioning of Field Bus instruments from AMS

Also preparing dossiers, DCS control narratives and Interlock description documents through WINPCS

Kentz Engineers& constructors[25July 2006-3April 2008

Worked with Kentz as an Instrument Supervisor for the Installation and commissioning of instruments and control systems in Abu Dhabi for ( Banduq offshore & Das island). Primary duty covers Offshore

Equipment Installation, DCS , ESD system , Filed instruments and Junction boxes Installation, Loop testing, Functional Test and commissioning .Loop checking, functional test , cause& Effect checking

and commissioning of the turbine logics in Mark VI system. Commissioning of water injection pumps and Air compressors. Testing, Calibration and repairing

of process control Instruments, various toxic and combustible gas monitors. Maintenance in Turbines and turbine control system Mark VI and field Instruments commissioning of SSV&SSSV In well heads. Faultfinding and Corrective maintenance activities in Existing system and process Instruments. Handling material stock management by using SAP

Medgulf Engineering& Contracting co [2March 2004 -3 March 2006]

Worked Behalf of Qatar gas in Qatar offshore as an instrument Supervisor for Equipment Installation ,Cable laying Termination ,Loop Testing, pre-commissioning &commissioning of DCS, testing and commissioning of Triconex ESD system. Maintenance and calibration of process control Instruments and routine maintenance of offshore production facility. Testing and commissioning of Siemens fire& gas system and instruments , Trouble shooting of Smoke Detectors ,Heat Detectors , IR point gas detectors, IR line of sight gas detectors, UV/IR flame detection and Manual alarm call points, Combustible and Toxic Gas Detectors. ESD, SDV,SSV SSSV&MOV valves , Routine checkup and Maintenance in Existing system and Instruments

Amerda Hess American(WG) (20 September2003- 15 February 2004)

Worked with Amerda Hess as a senior Instrument Technician at Equatorial Guinea Offshore Platform (FPSO) for the maintenance and testing of all petroleum production automation and instrumentation

including all computerized systems, emergency shut down systems and fire and gas detection systems. Work in all areas throughout the FPSO

unit, in particular in the Process/Engine/Boiler areas. Maintenance, repairs and programming of Program Logic Controllers (PLC's). Maintenance, repairs and programming of Ships Control Panel (SCP);Maintenance of all process instrumentation and computers. Repairs and calibrations of all instrumentation and safety systems including fixed and portable gas

detectors, oxygen analyzers, LEL and gas meters etc. Survey and compilation of electrical and instrument drawings. Maintenance and inspection of Hamworthy boiler control panel and all UPS systems. Assist the process crew as necessary attending all shut-down situations

Galfar Engineering contracting. [14August 2000 – 27August 2003]

Worked with Petroleum development Oman as an Instrument Technician . Major responsibilities discharged during this period involve Total Shutdown and Breakdown of Oil Gathering Stations and power plants .Preventive maintenance, Faultfinding and Corrective maintenance activities in the field of process Instrumentation, Analyzers, Fire &Gas detection Instruments& Machinery Control Instruments . Maintenance and Calibration of different type process Instruments Installation and testing of new instrument control system (Emerson Delta V Field bus), testing and commissioning of HIMA ESD system and Scada system. Also testing and commissioning of Damper actuator Valves, ESD Valves, Self-Operated Valves, and Solenoid Operated Valves.

Tecnimont ICB LTD [8june 1998-10August 2000]

Worked with Tecnimont ICB Ltd as an instrument Technician for Construction and Commissioning of instruments and control systems (ABB),Cable laying ,Junction Box Installation and Termination in Reliance oil refinery .Calibration of different type Pneumatic and Electronics Instruments Like Pressure ,Flow ,Temperature ,level Transmitters ,Switches and Different

Type control valves. Installation of modicon plc and yokogawa ESD system Installation, Testing and commissioning of new DCS system in Gujarat refinery

Space controls [20November 1997-25May 1998]

Worked with Space controls as instrument technician for Construction and commissioning of instruments and control system in Gujarat petrochemical

plant. Carried out instrument calibration ,installation, calibration, loop checking ,pre-commissioning and commissioning jobs . Testing and installation of fire and gas instruments. Commissioning assistance for system vendor. Routine maintenance

Skills overview:-

Well experienced in Emerson Delta V Field bus , Asset management system (AMS) Foxboro I/A series, Honeywell TDC 3000 ,ABB Distributed Control Systems, Honeywell Field bus , Honey Well FSC, Siemens Step7,Yokogawa DCS(CS3000 DCS )& ESD , GE Fanuc, Allen Bradley, Modicon, Triconex

Programmable Logic Controllers, Bentley Nevada Vibration monitoring systems, General monitors fire& gas system ,compressor control system MARV&VI and latest Field bus technology instruments.

Having the knowledge ofq Delta V system networks such as Plant Information Network(PIN),Process Control Network(PCN),Operator Station Network(OSN),Operator Network(OS),Asset Management system Network etc

Having the good knowledge on MODBUS Serial Communication,q Ethernet ,Profibus communication ,OPC, Communication and RS232, RS485 communication

Experience in installation and configuration of AMS system software, installation of Multiplexers (pepperl + Futches, MTL) for HART transmitters etc

Configuration of Multiplexers to communicate with AMS system and connecting HART Transmitters with the system. Connectingq Delta V FF devices with AMS and configuration of Field Bus instruments, Digital Valve Controllers (DVC) etc.

good knowledge about the Integrated Control & Safety System (ICSS) including PCS, PSS, SSS, FGS and MMS. ,F&G and HIPPS Systems(Triconex

10.3) and configuration ofq Triconex system I/O cards, Communication cards etc
Having good experienceq & knowledge in DeltaV control system and familiar with Delta V explorer, Operator configure, Control studio, Diagnostics

Experience in Configuration of Delta V Redundant controllers, Field Bus cards (H1 cards), Analog I/O cards, Digital I/O cards and Serial cards.
Commissioning the HART and Field Bus Digital Valveq Controllers (DVC, FISHER) with Delta V control system and doing Partial Stroke Test for the ESD and BDV valves.

Experience in Configuration of Foxboro controllers, I/O card Assignments , Compound Block Configuration,PID Configuration. Communication card configuration and Functional Analysis check ups

Well experienced .in GE, Solar and Nuovo pignone Gas& Steam Turbines Installation ,commissioning, trouble shooting &maintenance in turbine related instrument and turbine control system (Mark V&VI)

Well working experience in Allen Bradley I/O configuration and Bently Nevada rack configuration ,Siemens step7 configuration ,Serial communication

Well experienced in configuration and calibration of smart instruments and control valves using Hart 375,275 models, Honeywell SFC, Yokogawa BT 200, Foxboro Hand Held Communicators

Well experienced in Configuration and Servicing of Motorized Operated Valves (Rotork ,Limitorque)and calibration of ESD valves , BD valves & SD Valves

Having good Knowledge in fire and gas commissioning which includes IR point gas detectors, IR line of sight (los) gas detectors, UV/IR flame detection and Manual alarm call points.

Having experience of Field Bus system Field Bus Transmitter checking, noise checking, capacitance & resistance checking of Field Bus Signal Communication etc
Having experience of Foundation Field Bus System (FF) such as Field Bus Instruments Installation, Calibration, Commissioning, Decommissioning and Configuration of the system etc
Partial Stroke Checking of ESD valves andq BDV using Valve Link software. Connecting package systems with AMS systems and configuration of Multiplexers, Transmitter detection, calibration and loop checking using AMS system.

Experience in communicating third partyq Systems(using MODBUS protocol

communication) such as IPS, FGS, HIPPS, MMS, RDAS etc. with Delta V systems.
Experienced in Boiler management system and Boiler Instruments Installation ,Testing and commissioning according to the Flow chart..

Experienced in complete overhauling, trouble shooting, servicing, calibration of pneumatic PID controllers, pneumatic smart/electronic

transmitters, level trolls, positive displacement meters, turbine flow meters .Mass flow meters, Ultra sonic flow meters and read-out devices, various types of switches, tank level gauging instruments of different models and

manufacturers. Programming and configuration of electronic controllers / instruments. Trouble shooting and repairing of various electronic control cards

calibration and Programming of Speed& Vibration Monitors/Transmitters (Bently Nevada and Dymac ) and Vibration/Speed Probes and equipments.

Servicing, assembling, seat leakage test, body mount leakage test, calibration, maintenance of all types control valves, LVDT ,IGV (Masoneilan, Fisher controls, ABB, Valtek, Kitz, Biffi, Samson) and accessories like smart/pneumatic positioners, regulators, solenoid valves, limit switches, volume boosters, lock up relays, transfer valves, converters, position transmitters, NRV etc…

Experience in critical process control applications, carrying out on-line troubleshooting, tuning adjustments etc. to these systems with minimum or no process disturbances.

Experience in Cable megger testing ,Cable laying, junction box installation and Termination for the instrument cables

Carryout emergency maintenance tasks related to Instrumentation and controls and assist in plant / process / equipment start-up after systematic logical troubleshooting and fault elimination.

Well versed with interpreting piping and Instrument Diagrams, Ladder logic / interlock Diagrams, Functional Block diagrams, cause and effect

diagrams, Electrical control panel wiring diagrams, instrument hook-up drawings etc..

Experienced in Cold SAT and Hot SAT for the control system, system cabinet, marshalling Cabinet, Unit control panels, PDB’s and Fiber Optic Cabinets