1) Give a synonym ( S (< = stronger ))/ antonym ( A )

a)  top ( of the mountain ) S1):______S2) :______

b)  rise ( 1) sun / 2) temperature )A1): ______A2): d______

c)  wide ( river e.g. ) S:______

d)  glad < d______

e)  worried S1): a______S2): c______

2) Explain the meaning. Make complete sentences.

a)  blister: ______


b)  make up for sth: ______


c)  critic: ______


d)  confident: ______


3) Derivatives

a) The ______enjoyed the way his piece COMPOSITION

was interpreted by the ______of the MUSIC

Cleveland Symphonic Orchestra.

b) I was so ______with their first live act: it was awful! APPOINT

______, the band was actually AMAZE

______of their ______performance. PRIDE / EMBARRASS

c) It was a ______to meet her. PLEASE

However, I didn’t know about her true ______back then … INTEND

d) ______have found traces of ancient ARCHAEOLOGICAL

______in this area. It seems to have been SETTLE

______very thinly. People must have been engaged POPULAR

in a constant struggle for ______. SURVIVE

We do not know anything about their ______. BELIEVE

4) What’s the difference? Make complete sentences.

a) syringe - injection: ______


b) flood - tide: ______


c) audience - spectators: ______


d) croak - creak: ______


e) recipe - prescription: ______


5) Complete

a)  Wow, look: what a v______! This is a breath______land______

b)  This soil is very f______. You can easily g______a lot of different crops here.

c)  This band has a very d______style. It is immediately recognizable because it’s so different _____ everything else. It f______very unusual instruments. Their live p______have received excellent r______in prestigious musical magazines. Their ______have been r______on DVD and CD.

d)  She is really unstable: one moment, she seems to be walking on ______, the next she ______into tears.

e)  ___ this picture, you can see some e______that our anc______already used soph______farming ______.

6) Complete the three sentences with the same word.

What a down______!

______me a glass of water, please.

It never rains but it ______s.

7) Translate

Liedtext = ______

Blasinstrument = ______

erleichtert = ______