HW 1: Growing Plants

1.(a)The list below names some plants used by humans.

PoppyConiferWillow tree Potato Wheat

Copy and complete the following table by selecting two plants from the list and giving one different use for each plant.

Plant / Use

(b)The table below shows the percentage of some trees found in British forests in 1978

Tree / Percentage
Other species / 30

Use the information from the table to copy and complete the following pie chart.

2.Clearing of rainforest plants seriously damages the ecosystem of animals that live there. Describe two ways in which animals may be affected by rainforest destruction.

3.(a)An investigation into the conditions required for germination was carried out as shown below

(i)Which variable is being investigated?

(ii)Twelve of the fifteen seeds sown in tube B germinated.

Calculate the percentage germination in this tube.

(iii)Predict the effect on the number of seeds germinating if the investigation was repeated at 0 °C.

4. Name the three conditions/factors required for a seed to germinate.

HW 2: Growing plants

1.(a)The diagram below shows test tubes set up to investigate the conditions required for seed germination.

(i)In which test tube would most seeds germinate?

(ii)Identify the variable being investigated when comparing test tubes Aand C.

(b)Test tube X was set up to find out if oxygen is necessary for germination.

Redraw and label test tube Y to show a suitable control for this experiment in the box provided.

(c) Name the part of a seed which is used to provide energy for germination.

2.(a)The diagram shows a germinating kidney bean seed.

Use the diagram to complete the following table.

3.The following graph shows the effect of temperature on the germination of oat seeds and barley seeds.

From the graph, what is the average time for oat seeds to germinate at 5oC?

  1. Which of the following is not required for the germination of a seed?


BA suitable temperature



5. The diagram shows a plant developing from a seed.

As the root and the shoot grow the seed will

Aincrease in mass

Bdecrease in mass

Cstore food produced by the leaves

Dprotect the growing embryo

8.Which of the following correctly labels the part of the seed?

Part Labelled
1 / 2 / 3
A / Embryo plant / Seed coat / Food store
B / Seed coat / Food store / Embryo plant
C / Food store / Embryo plant / Seed coat
D / Seed coat / Embryo plant / Food store

Homework 3: Growing plants

The following dishes were set up to investigate different conditions affecting the germination of cress seeds.

  1. Which two dishes should be compared to find the effect of temperature on germination?

2.The following diagram shows a section through a flower.

Name of structure / Function / Letter
produces the male gametes / D
sepal / A
stigma / receives the pollen grains

Copy and complete the following table which relates to the flower diagram

3.The boxes below show the names and descriptions of some important processes in plant reproduction.

Match each statement of the named process on the left, to its correct description on the right.

Names of processes / Descriptions
asexual reproduction / Seeds start to grow
pollination / Pollen is transferred from anther to stigma
germination / Development of the ovary around the seed or seeds
fruit formation / Production of identical offspring from a single parent

(e)(i)Name one method of natural asexual reproductionused by plants

(ii)Name one method of artificial propagation usedwithplants.

4.The following table gives information about some common plants and their fruits or seeds.

Use this table to copy and complete the table below, by tickingthe correct boxes.

Plant / Method of Pollination / Method of seed dispersal
Wind / Insect / Wind / Animal
Oak /

Homework 4: Growing Plants

1.The diagrams show two types of structures found in plants.

(a)Which structure (A or B) would be found in the phloem?

(b) Which structure is involved in sugar transport?

(c) In which direction does food travel through a plant?

(d)Where is the food/glucose made in the plant?

(e)Xylem helps to support a plant. State one other function of xylem.

(f)In which direction does water travel through a plant?

(g) In which structure would lignin be found?

2.Copy and complete the table below with the correct information.

Transport Tissue / Substance carried / Part of plant from which substance is carried
Sugar / Leaves