Round 6


Questions by Roger Craig and Dennis Loo


1. Crowned king of Italy at Monza in 1128, three years after he revolted against Lothair, duke of Saxony, the electors would select him to be king after the death of Lothair and he would have to fight Henry the Proud to solidify his rule. In 1146, he set out for Palestine in the Second Crusade, but shortly afterwards had to return to Germany due to civil unrest. FTP, name this son of Frederick, duke of Swabia, the ruler of the Holy Roman Empire from 1138 to 1152 and the first king of the Hohenstaufen family.
Ans: Conrad III

2. Because hydrogen passes rapidly through the metal at high temperatures, heated tubes of it are used for hydrogen purification. Also used in dental alloys, the largest use of the pure metal is for contacts in telephone equipment. First isolated in 1803 by Wollaston, he named the element in honour of a newly discovered asteroid. FTP, name this lightest member of the platinum metals of Group VIII named after Athena.

Answer: Palladium

3. In this town, the ghost of Prudencio Aguilar searches for water with which to clean its wounds and the wife of the man who killed him, Ursula, places water jugs all over the house to appease it. Its inhabitants include Remedio, Fernanda, Pilar, Aureliano Jose, and Jose Arcadio Segundo. Founded by José Arcadio Buendía, this isolated village is based on the Colombian coast where its author was born. FTP, name this town wiped out by a storm, the setting of One Hundred Years of Solitude.

Answer: Macondo

4. His experiments with magnets on hypnotized people were shown to be ruined by experimenter advocacy effects, and he had to resign from the Salpetriere. While jobless, he investigated his two young daughters and dabbled in craniometry. His most famous work grew out of the new French law of universal schooling, necessitating the sorting out of retarded children. FTP, name this coworker of Theodor Simon and developer of children intelligence tests.

Answer: Alfred Binet

5. Invented at sea in 1824, this variation of the Italian game has the characteristic move of 4. Pawn to b4. White deflects the Black bishop from its control of the centre squares, while giving up a pawn to gain rapid development and open lines for his pieces. Not as in vogue these days as it used to be, it has still been played by the likes of Nunn, Fischer and Kasparov. FTP, name this gambit, a variation of the Giuoco Piano (JOKE-o Pee-AH-no) named after its inventor, a British sea captain.

Answer: (William Davies) EvansGambit

6. Despite having no indigenous toads, reptiles or land mammals, their national symbol is a ram. 1st settled by Irish monks around 700 AD, they were colonized by the Vikings and then by Norway. A self-governing region within Denmark, their highest point is Mount Slaettara on Eysturoy Island, and whirlwinds near them are called oes. FTP, name these “Sheep Islands” of the North Atlantic between Iceland and the Shetland Islands whose capital is Thorshavn.

Answer: Faeroe islands

7. U.S. Customs wouldn't let him import a Russian MIG, but he does have a 40 million dollar Japanese-style estate where he relaxes. The Oz, as he is called because of his company’s headquarters which resemble the Emerald City, has watched as the company he founded in 1977 with $2,000 has grown to become the second largest software company in the world. FTP, name this Oracle CEO and 2nd richest man in the world.

Answer: Lawrence Ellison

8. After defeating the eight-headed snake Koshi by getting it drunk on sake, he obtained the powerful “grass cutting sword” and then went on to conquer Korea. Born from the nose of Izanagi, his sister and consort, Amaterasu, was so distressed by his temper that she decided to hide herself in the cave of heaven and bring darkness to the world. FTP, name this Shinto god of snakes, the wind, storms, and the ocean.

Answer: Susanowo (also accept Susanowa or Susano-o)

9. Of the 20 amino acids, only it with a pKr (pee- kay- are) of 6.0 ionizes within the physiological pH range, consequently its side chains often participate in the catlytic reactions of enzymes. This essential amino acid also coordinates with Oxygen in hemoglobin. Having a imidazolium side group and symbolized by an H, FTP, which amino acid is decarboxylated to form histamine?

Answer: Histidine

10. At the age of 25, he sold his claim in the Dakota Territory and went to live in Boston where he became friends with William Dean Howells. The first of his many stories was “Ten Years Dead" and they were later published in such collections as Main-Travelled Roads, Prairie Folks and Wayside Courtships. A novelist as well, he also wrote Jason Edwards , A Little Norsk and A Spoil of Office. FTP, name this man whose A Daughter of the Middle Border won a 1921 Pulitzer.

Answer: (Hannibal) Hamlin Garland

11. When a gang of boys made fun of his baldness, he cursed them and 2 she-bears came out of the woods and tore 42 of them to pieces. He recruited a commander of chariots, Jehu, to revolt against the house of Omri and the revolt ended with the slaughter at Jezreel of Jehoram and Ahab’s wife, Jezebel. FTP, name this Israelite prophet and pupil of Elijah.

Answer: Elisha also spelled ELISAIOS, or ELISEUS

12. First performed in Rotterdam in 1980, its first scene is set at The Kuru Field of Justice. With libretto adapted by Constance DeJong from the Bhagavad-Gita, its uses only instruments that could be found in both America and India in one form or another. Each act clusters around Tolstoy, Tagore, or Martin Luther King and depicts Gandhi’s attempt to repeal the South African Black Act. FTP, name this Philip Glass opera in three acts whose title is Sanskrit for “insistence on truth.”

Answer: Satyagraha

13. The founder of the World Puzzle Championship in 1992, he designed his own degree program at Indiana University, and graduated in 1974 with a degree in enigmatology. After receiving a law degree from the University of Virginia, he spent 15 years as editor of Games magazine. FTP, name this sucessor of Eugene T. Maleska, the crossword editor of the New York Times since 1993.

Answer: Will Shortz

14. Buried in a temple he designed in imitation of the Pantheon in Rome, he also designed the tombs of popes Clement XII and Clement XIV. A student of Giuseppe Bernardi aka Torretti, his works include statues of Napoleon and of his sister Princess Borghese, reclining as "Venus Victrix." FTP, name this Neoclassiccal Italian sculptor whose costumed Washington resided for ten years in Raleigh, N.C.

Answer: Antonio Canova, Marchese (marquess) d'Ischia

15. Giving up medicine for writing, his plays include “Flight” and “The Crimson Island”.

His novel, The White Guard was reworked into a play “The Days of the Turbins.” His work, Black Snow: A Theatrical Novel, satirizes Stanislavsky and behind-the-scenes life of the Moscow Art Theatre, while his work, “Heart of a Dog” rips into pseudoscience. FTP, name this author of Master and Margarita.

Answer: Mikhail Afanasyevich Bulgakov

16. At 15 he obtained a copy of Carr's “Synopsis of Elementary Results in Pure and Applied Mathematics”. He worked out the Riemann series, elliptic integrals, hypergeometric series, the functional equations of the zeta function, and his own theory of divergent series. In 1913, this master of continued fractions began a correspondence with Hardy. Venturing to England, he became the first Indian to be elected to the Royal Society of London. FTP, name this Indian mathematician.

Answer: Srinivasa Ramanujan

17. He wore a philosopher's beard and had coins printed with images of Apis bulls. The subject of a biography by Robert Browning, he was made a Caesar and governor of Gaul in 355. This nephew of Constantine I, and brother of Gallus served for only two years before dying in battle against the Persians. FTP, name this successor of Constantius II who tried to reinstate paganism.

Answer Julian the Apostate (or Julian II)

18. Its author died at 60, soon after finishing it, although he lived long enough to see it rejected as unpublishable. E. M. Forster called it "one of the great lonely books" and in it the Prince’s nephew, Tancredi, remarks "If we want things to stay as they are, they will have to change." However, his uncle Don Fabrizio would rather follow "the sublime routine of the skies." FTP, name this work which depicts the failure of the Risorgimento by Lampedusa.

Answer: The Leopard (Il Gattopardo)

19. The president of this country fired his 33-member cabinet after they bought a few million dollar’s worth of Mercedes Benz cars with money that Britain had donated as aid. Three of its former ministers are also being investigated for a $25 million scam. Headed by President Bakili Muluzi, FTP, name this country formerly called Nyasaland whose capital is Lilongwe.

Answer: Malawi

20. Providing for a 24 year peace, it was initiated by Great Britain and Holland, whose eastern Mediterranean trade had been disrupted. It gave Austria the Banat, Little Walachia, and Belgrade, while Venice made gains in Dalmatia, retained the Ionian islands, but had to surrender the Morea. FTP, name this treaty signed at the end of the Venetian-Turkish and Austro-Turkish wars in 1718.

Answer: Treaty of Passarowitz

21. He lived a single, secluded life, changing residence often, during his 22 years in the Netherlands, he lived in 18 different places. He also practiced medicine without charge and tried to increase human longevity. At the end of his life, he left a chest of personal papers--none of which has survived--with his close friend, the Rosicrucian physician Corneille van Hogelande, who handled his affairs in the Netherlands. FTP, name this father of modern philosophy.

Answer: Rene Descartes

22. The earliest document that mentions this group is the Fama Fraternitatis, first published in 1614. It recounts the journeys of a man who was allegedly born in 1378 and lived for 106 years. His death in 1484 and and the time of the discovery of his tomb in 1604 would coordinate with the last two great conjunctions of stars. He acquired secret wisdom which he passed onto three others after his return to Germany. The disciples later increased to eight, who went to different countries. FTP, name this brotherhood whose name derives from the order's symbol, a combination of a flower and a cross.

Answer: Rosicrucians

23. Graduated from Brandeis in 1971 with a history degree, a paper he read eleven years later by John Schwartz and Michael Green, allowed him to realize that string theory does not merely allow for the possibility of gravity, it requires it. A Dirac medal winner in 1985, he currently works at the Institute for Advanced Study and has been making substantial contributions to both Morse and knot theory. FTP, name this physicist, a 1990 Fields Medal winner, who is considered the world’s leading superstring theorist.

Answer: Edward Witten


Roger Craig & Dennis Loo – Boni

1. Give the following Latin Legal Terms 5-10-15

(5) Latin for "at first view," it refers to the minimum amount of evidence a plaintiff must have to avoid having a case dismissed.

Answer: Prima Facie

(10) Used to describe a judicial proceeding closed to the public, usually in the judge’s office, where he or she examines sensitive or confidential documents before deciding if the jury or public can see them.

Answer: in camera

(15) It refers to situations when it's assumed that a person's injury was caused by the negligent action of another party because the accident couldn't have occured unless someone was negligent. In Latin, it means "the thing speaks for itself."

Answer: Res Ipsa Loquitur

2. Name these 2000 Olympians from clues. FTPE

(10) American Rulon Gardner defeated this man who had not been scored upon in 10 years for a gold medal.

Answer: Alexander Karelin

(10) It took this Equatorial Guinean 1 minute and 52.72 seconds to swim 100 meters.

Answer: Eric Moussambani

(10) The first Japanese woman to win an Olympic track and field gold medal, she won the marathon in Olympic record time.

Answer: Naoko Takahashi

3. Name the author from works, 30-20-10-5

(30) “The Jolly Corner”, Confidence, and The Sacred Fount

(20) Hawthorne, The Princess Casamassima, and What Maisie Knew

(10) “A Tragedy of Error”, “A Madonna of the Future”, and The Bostonians

(5) Daisy Miller, The Golden Bowl, The Turn of the Screw

Answer: Henry James

4. Answer the following questions about turn of the century race relations.

On Sept. 18, 1895, Booker T. Washington gave this classic statement of rac relations, where he asserted that vocational education, which gave blacks an opportunity for economic security, was more valuable to them than social advantages or political office.

Answer: Atlanta Compromise

In part a reaction to the Atlanta Compromise, this 1903 phrase first appeared in The Negro Problem and stressed the need for education to create black leaders so that they might "leaven the lump" and "inspire the masses."

Answer: Talented Tenth

The forerunner to the NAACP, this group first met in the summer of 1905 as 29 prominent blacks, including Du Bois, met secretly in Ontario.

Answer: Niagara Movement

5. 30-20-10-5, name the organ.

(30) Lying behind the mediastinum, it has a pinkish color and a grainy consistency. Hassall’s corpuscles can be found here.

(20) The site of clonal selection, after puberty it undergoes involution.

(10) It differs structurally from other lymphoid organs in that it does not have lymphatic vessels draining into it.

(5) Its shape resembles a leaf of thyme.

Answer: thymus gland

6. Identify these Battles of the Wars of the Roses 5-10-15

(5) Fought on the Dadlington road in the vicinity of the Ashby-de-la-Zouche canal, King Richard lost his life here.

Answer: Bosworth Field

(10) Two battles were fought here during the Wars of the Roses. In 1455, the Duke of York defeated the Lancastrians here, while in 1461, the Duke of Somerset overcame the Yorkists headed by the Earl of Warwick.

Answer: St. Albans

(15) One month after the second battle of St. Albans, Edward IV’s Yorkist army was aided by the arrival of Norfolk’s reinforcements and together they defeated the Duke of Somerset’s Lancastrians.

Answer: Towton

7. Given a French cooking term, name the vegetable that would be included in the dish FFPE.

a. Dubarry

Answer: cauliflower

b. Crecy

Answer: carrots

c. a la Flamande

Answer: green peas

d. Princesse

Answer: asparagus

e. Florentine

Answer: spinach

f. Freunese

Answer: turnip

8. Given the description of a Platonic dialogue, name it FTPE.

In a town 60 miles form Athens, a disciple of Socrates gives Echecrates an eyewitness account of his execution.

Answer: Phaedo

A suporter of Socrates visits him in jail and pleads with him to escape to Thessaly.

Answer: Crito

In this dialogue, our main man, Socrates, chats up an Ephesian poetry reciter.

Answer: Ion

9. Name these Semioticians, FTPE.

In this man’s Course on General Linguistics, he defined the linguistic sign as a dyad, having the signifier on one side and the signified on the other.

Answer: Ferdinand de Saussure

This American philosopher who sufferred form neuralgia first developed the triadic theory of the sign in his 1867 paper “On a New List of Categories.”

Answer: Charles Sander Peirce “pronounced purse”

This Frenchman’s 1957 essay collection, Mythologies, contains meditations on steak and chips, the New Citreon, striptease and the foam that is a product of detergents.

Answer: Roland Barthes

10. 5-10-20-30 name the following foreign ministers, ministers for foreign affairs, or secretaries of state as of 1 January 2001 given their country:

a. Russia

A: Igor Ivanov

b. United States

A: Madeleine Albright

c. Israel

A: Shlomo Ben Ami

d. Britain

A: Jack Straw

11. Given a work of literature by an African, name it’s author 5-5-10-10

(5) Anthills of the Savannah

Answer: Chinua Achebe

(5) The Lion and the Jewel

Answer: Wole Soyinka

(10) The Thief and the Dogs

Answer: Naguib Mahfouz

(10) Boesman and Lena

Answer: Athol Fugard

12. In 1794 Johan Gadolin isolated yttria, a metallic oxide. The first rare earth to be discovered, nine elements including yttrium were separated from it. For five points each, name any six of the other eight elements isolated from yttria.

Answers: ScandiumTerbium, Dysprosium, Holmium, Erbium, Thulium, Ytterbium, and Lutetium

13. Name the following from Ottoman history FTPE.

The first standing army in Europe, they were organized into three unequal divisions the cemaat, bölükhalki, and segban. Consisting of impressed Christian youths, they were converted to Islam.

Answer: Janissaries

This three letter word was the name of the commander of a group of Janissaries.

Answer: aga

Now name either Sultan who organized the Janissaries or the one that crushed them in the Auspicious Incident

Answer: Murad I or Mahmud II (also accept Orhan)

14. Given an invention, name its inventor FTPE.


Answer: Wallace Hume Carothers


Answer: Roy Plunkett

Monolithic Integrated Circuit

Answer: Jack Kilby

15. Name these Soviet political police 10-15-5

(10) Following the Russian Revolution of 1917, Lenin reorganized the old czarist secret police, the Okhrana and changed its name to this, which lasted until 1922 when it was renamed the GPU.

Answer: Cheka (Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counterrevolution and Espionage)

(15) In 1934, the former Cheka and now OGPU, had its name changed once again to this.

It was headed by a sadist named Genrikh Yagoda, Stalin’s hand-picked hatchet man.

Answer: NKVD (People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs, 1934 -1946),

(5) By the time of Stalin’s death, the NKVD had been renamed the MD and was renamed this in 1954.

Answer: KGB (Committee for State Security) (Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnoti)

16. Name these recent literary works from clues FTSNOP.