Digital Radiography Workshop Evaluation

Digital Radiography Workshop Evaluation

Digital Radiography Workshop Evaluation

7-9 March 2014, Sri Lanka

Workshop overall:

Comments are found after the graphs.

Lecture sessions:

A1. What are the strengths of this workshop?

-Quality lectures from abroad

-Very good

-Good x 2


-Good lecturers and good materials

-Very good, highly appreciated

-Very good to improve our knowledge and practice of radiography

-Relevant topics discussed

-latest information about CR/DR/PACS x 4


-A very good introduction (timely) to radiographers here in Sri Lanka

-we earn knowledge and share the knowledge and problem with ISRRT lectures

-Exposure manipulation and quality control

-Gains very useful knowledge about digital radiography and modern technologies

-Got some knowledge from your lectures

-This workshop support and update and build up good knowledge for all the radiographers in Sri Lanka. This will strengthen our country’s knowledge of CR and DR systems with basics, practice, artifacts, mistakes with good knowledge

-It is very essential to improve our deep knowledge

-Excellent quality control, PACS, CR/DR


-Lot of information about CR/DR

-You can gain the knowledge that you need

-Good lectures, qualified resource persons

-Quality lectures, good presentations

-How to perform in the CR/DR system & I get idea of the PACS

-We get the extra knowledge of the CR system

-Got more theoretical practice about digital imaging

-Acquire very good knowledge of CR/DR concept as well as basic setup for a PACS for the hospital

-Quality control in DR/CR and exposure manipulation

-Workshop is very useful to devlope our day to day work and also update our knowledge

-Satisfaction of all lectures and experimentation

-Good stranthe this work of 3 days but PACS need to more detail and training time

-Some pages of the course materials not clear

-Share the knowledge for the ISRRT and good knowledge CR/DR/PACS

-Contents are relevant to our work

A2. How could the workshop be improved?

-practical part needs to be improved, more in patient (vs x-ray)

-practical assessment

-more practical; better if more time on practicalx13

-Some sections (PACS) have to explain more

-always combined with ISRRT and invite them one session every year or occasionally

-not enough,

-group should be modified

-may be improved by group work more with discussion to avoid boring

-improve knowledge

-Practice in DR/CR and QC

-Improve the duration of the workshop

-PACS presentation too long, shorter the better

-Practical session with small group better

-Using practical demonstration

-Should give the knowledge about application of the CR/DR protocol and computer access

-Explain the unfamiliar IT words before lecture of PACS

-Can provide more documents with details

-How to use the CR/DR system

-To be intensified with course material

-Annually arrange these type of workshop in Sri Lanka with more course materials

-How to use the DR and CR and QA/QC procedure of the same imaging systems

-Group should be smaller e.g. 10 in each group

-Should have prior evaluation of the needs of the students before preparing the course materials

-Do everything by ourselves in X-ray room

-Go to a DIR unit and review the digital radiographs made in the unit and make suggestions on how to improve the quality of the image

-To produce best quality image with optimum dose to the patient

-Possible ways to make arrangement with real time radiograph with a patient and manipulating images

-How to use the new technology to improve the radiological technique (how to practice it with the patients

-The workshop with the practical is very useful

-Improve my practical knowledge

-Increase the IT knowledge in the workshop

A3. What have you learned?

-Quality practice in CR/DR and importance of its availability in Sri Lanka

-Basic knowledge in CR/DR and DICOM and QC x 23

-More detail about CR/DR x 3

-Practice of CR/DR/PACS

-The concept of CR/DR

-A lot of theory related to digital image that hasn’t been learned before

-CR/DR/PACS, artifacts, DICOM, quality maintenance

-I have learned very well about digital radiography

-I got many things from this workshop

-Latest information about CR/DR

-How to produce quality images and optimize patient dose

-Lots about new technology

-Some theories are new

-Principle of DR/CR, QA/QC

-We have learned many things which we do not know though we practice DR

-All about CR, DR and how to make use of them and correct all the shortcomings with our day to day work

-About the DR/CR system and how would we use in our routine work

-Image artifacts, how to expose, management for good image quality with monitor for used mammograms, CR,DR and Q/QA

A. 4. How would the workshop change your daily radiography practice?

-must give our attention to quality control

-can practice with more awareness

-Gives an idea to implement CR system in private sector

-Check the IP, flat panel, patient dose, improve image quality, applied histogram

-It changed my daily radiography practice much easier

-I can implement in my department whatever I have learned

-I did CR/DR without the basics of that field earlier. Now I can improve my practice with the basics

-Take good quality CR exams and maintain the optimum quality control

-Without CR system, how to change my daily radiography practice? If we are able to get this system in future, I can improve my daily practice at best

-I hope to use my new knowledge our day by day departmental works

-I will use the knowledge to monitor and reduce the patient dose

-We can work with better knowledge and understanding

-Do with best knowledge

-Can work with knowledge and confidence


-Improve the quality of radiography and apply DICOM system for practice

-Attention to QC and improve the standard

-Caution about dose

-Reducing exposure factors, produce good image, idea of PACS

-Help to increase the quality of day to day work

-We use conventional radiography in daily and its processing techniques are completely changed

-Can produce best quality image, can apply QA/QC procedures to our DR unit

-Got idea to collimate better than past

-Select the appropriate exposure factors and appropriate region

-Improve the quality of image by using the apparatus properly

-We can practice with CR/DR system with consistency what we can do

-We can do CR/DR with understanding

-Very much. We have encountered many problems like selecting the wrong histograms and make unsatisfactory images earlier but now we have learned our mistakes

-Minimize patient dose by using S value, use small cassettes for small regions

-Very good conduct practice in my work; got very good knowledge about maintenance and arrange work environment

-To manipulate exposure to the patient as low as possible

-For CR workstation, I can improve the image quality and when expose the image quality and when expose the patient it should be very accurate

-Improve my work quality

-Change my work quality and periodically check list with parameters

-Can work with more understanding

Overview of digital imaging and PACS

- The slides are very good

Image artifacts in digital imaging

-very good teaching abilities. Thank you Dr. NP

Acceptance testing and QC of CR/DR

-not enough time

Introduction to PACS

-complicated due to not having practice, lecturer gave a better understanding

-Lectures on PACS is unsatisfactory… difficult to understand and boring

-Our sincere thanks to Dr. Maria Law for some useful explanations during Mr. Edward Wong’s lecture

-PACS is still not introduced in Sri Lanka

-It is more complicated so you can provide detail books