Digital Photo Assessment Proposal

Digital Photo Assessment Proposal


For this assignment, you will propose a media-based assessment approach that you can use in a lesson or unit you currently teach as part of your curriculum.


  1. Reflect on the different ways in which students can use digital photos to create products that demonstrate mastery of content and technology standards.
  2. Think of a lesson/unit for which you could assign your students the task of creating a digitalphotoproduct that will be used to assess their performance. (Note: We encourage you to use a lesson or unit that you are already teaching, but for which you are using a more traditional assessment approach now).
  3. Use the right hand column in each of the tables to respond to the questions.

About you

Your Response
  1. Your name:
/ Nicole Julien
  1. Group member names (if applicable):
/ Edward Civil, Michael Weiss

About the Lesson/Unit

  1. What curriculum area(s) (i.e. subjects) does the lesson cover?
/ Mathematics: Measurement
  1. What is the grade or grade range in which the lesson or unit is taught?
/ Middle Grades 6 - 8
  1. Write a brief summary or overview of the lesson or unit.
/ The students will record the process of creating a cage for an animal using a card bard box. Students will decorate the box to look like an actual cage and research the actual size of their animal and develop a scale to represent its size. Students will also measure the length, width and height of the box and use these measurements to find the Floor Area, Surface Area and Volume of their cage.

About the Proposed Assessment Approach

  1. What digital photo product will your students create? (describe briefly)
/ The students will create a silent movie depicting each step of the project.
  1. What criteria will you use to assess the digital photo products? (list)
  • Appropriate photos depicting each step
  • The material is focused on the topic
  • Check to see Measurements are recorded properly
  • Look for creativity

  1. What, if any, tools will you use to assess the digital photo products? (list)
  • Rubric assessing group work and other criteria

  1. What, if any, other assessments will you use in this lesson/unit? (list)
  • Measurement quiz on Area, Surface Area and Volume
  • Quiz on Scale measures and proportions
  • Journal documenting the project process and what they’ve learnt

Think About It

  1. What does a teacher gain from using digital photoproducts as part of the assessment for this lesson/unit?
/ Students are more motivated to do the work for class. Teacher is able to involve technology in the lesson. Students are able to demonstrate what they’ve learnt through a different media. Teacher can share product with other classes/schools.
  1. What possible challenges should the teacher plan for when using digital photoassessment products in this lesson/unit?
/ Teacher will have to show students how to software. Equipment difficulties or sensitivity. Camera used in an inappropriate manner.
  1. What does the student gain from creating digital photoproducts as part of the assessment for this lesson/unit?
/ The student gains motivation through the use of alternate instruction and technology. The students will be more engaged and willing to participate. Students may perform better on this task versus a traditional paper assessment.