Responsible to:Head of Lighting, Sound & Video

Responsible for:Lighting, Sound & Video Technicians, Casual staff

Purpose of post:

  • To deputise for and assist the Head of Lighting, Sound & Video with all aspects of the day to day running of the Lighting, Sound & Video department, with particular emphasis on the Lighting aspects of the department’s work.
  • To maintain liaison with the department technicians, casual staff and other departments as necessary.
  • To take responsibility for productions and or projects as delegated by the Head of Lighting, Sound & Video and/or the Production Manager.
  • To providing first class support to creative teams, visiting companies and full time staff, to include team leadership, programming, rigging, operation and management of facilities, stores and equipment.
  • To provide practical support for Nottingham Playhouse’s Digital Policy and the work of the Digital Producer.


  • To deputise for the Head of Lighting, Sound & Video as necessary including liaison with designers, the operation and maintenance of equipment, budgetary responsibility and leadership of the department.
  • To work with the Head of Lighting, Sound & Video in the development, maintenance and deployment of production control equipment and to oversee show recording and archiving.
  • To work with the Head of Lighting, Sound & Video in the development and management of all lighting, sound and video systems, equipment and stores, including consumables and maintenance.
  • The sourcing of sound effects, music, outside lighting, sound and video services or other equipment required by Nottingham Playhouse and all associated subsidiary projects.
  • The preparation of production paperwork including the circuiting of plans, colour calls, DMX address allocation and patch sheets required by productions both visiting and in-house.
  • Liaising with the Director, visiting Lighting Designers, Sound Designer, Video Designers or Composers regarding their specific production requirements.
  • Over-seeing the installation and operation of lighting, sound and video for any Nottingham Playhouse production, visiting company or other presentation at Nottingham Playhouse or on tour.
  • Operation of lighting, sound and video during performances and events at other such times as are deemed necessary.
  • To complete work to all notified and agreed production deadlines and budgets.
  • To take responsibility for the installation of lighting, sound and video for fit-ups, rehearsals, changeovers and performances as required by the HOD.
  • Design and build electrical and mechanical lighting effects and props as required using individual, creative and technical skills, in conjunction with other departments where appropriate.
  • Ensure that any required pyrotechnic devices or effects are supplied and setup correctly and to initiate use of pyrotechnic devices on cue during performances following training or instruction.
  • Carry out thorough maintenance of all production related electrical equipment, in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations.
  • Ensure that all equipment used is deployed in a clean, orderly and tidy condition and to ensure that all departmental workshops, control rooms and storage areas are kept clean and tidy at all times.


  • The completion of all required production department PAT testing and the completion of associated records to the satisfaction of the Production Manager or Head of Operations.
  • To be aware of Health and Safety guidelines and Codes of Practice including industry specific standards such as BS7909.
  • To promote good working practice within the department and provide adequate supervision to maintain this.
  • To maintain equipment and working areas to a high standard and carry out duties in a responsible manner.
  • To be a proactive member of the production team.
  • To carry out lamp rounds and maintenance of the auditorium house light systems.
  • To attend model showings, production meetings, progress meetings and rehearsals as required.
  • To liaise with other departments regarding the planning of Nottingham Playhouse productions.
  • To work on Nottingham Playhouse touring productions and co-productions away from the theatre if required.
  • To drive the theatres vehicles as required.


  • To act always in the best interests of Nottingham Playhouse Trust Ltd
  • To take positive action to promote Equal Opportunities in all aspects of the work of Nottingham Playhouse
  • To agree to abide by Nottingham Playhouse policies, such as health and safety, child protection etc
  • To maintain confidentiality in all areas relating to Nottingham Playhouse where appropriate.
  • To maximise income and minimise expenditure wherever possible.
  • To carry out any such other duties as may be reasonably expected of the post.

January 2018