Dear Naomi and All

Dear Naomi and All

Dear Naomi and all,

As I mentioned, perhaps rather cryptically, in a previous post, I have devised a rubric that is generally applicable to all prose writing, based upon the six-trait writing model for purposes of assisting direct instruction, but which corrects all of the inadequacies of the rubric which you describe—particularly the defect of only having three score point indicators (for 1, 3, & 5). I revised mine to have all five, based in part upon the Michigan Educational Assessment Program 4 point holistic rubric. I converted their holistic rubric into a more finely tuned analytical model after some highly motivated students asked me for specific instruction on how to improve their writing.

Jerome Smith in Detroit

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>Subject: RE: [ncte-middle] school-wide writing rubric

>Date: Tue, 8 May 200115:18:56 -0700 (PDT)

>I'll go dig up the disk with our rubric on it... Our school district

>has used a 6-trait based rubric for years. It is a good rubric, and

>encourages discussion of the different traits but a couple things are

>problematic at this point. Our rubric is based on 5 points per trait...

>since the number is uneven too many scores end up 3's. Also it is

>impoortant to have criteria for each score. Currently our

>district's rubric only has indicators for 1,3,and 5. It is

>too easy to cop out and not really be decisive about what

>is shown in the writing when you can select a rubric score

>that does not have criteria listed for it. Just some

>thoughts to keep in mind. Good luck!

>--- Lara Governale


> > Noelle~

> > Any chance you could email the list with the rubric? We are

> > developing one as well...

> > Kind Regards,

> > Lara

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> > Craig,

> > I emailed my former principal and curriculum resource teacher and

> > asked them to email you our school's writing rubric. We created a

> > school-wide rubric

> > and posted it on our server as read-only. However, we

> > encouraged all

> > teachers to download it so that they could make the

> > rubric match the given

> > writing assignment.

> > Let me know what you hear. I can always go through my

> > archives and find it

> > if they don't respond soon.

> > Noelle

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> > Are school is about to begin work on a writing rubric to

> > be used in all

> > grades (6-8), subjects, and genres--a heady task, I know.

> > It also needs to

> > be clear and understandable for students. Does anyone

> > have a similar

> > rubric at their school, or ideas on what categories you

> > would include? Any

> > input would be appreciated, and thanks in advance.

> > Craig Michael

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