Criteria/How Toapply

Criteria/How Toapply

The OcoeeFoundation Scholarship fundwasestablished to recognize students in the Cleveland Bradley County community.The scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic eligibility, financialneed and community service.Theawardamountforthisscholarship$2,000foreachacademicyear.Allscholarshipsarerenewableforatotaloffouryearsbasedonsatisfactoryprogresstowardsadegree.


ApplicantmustbearesidentofBradley County andgraduatingfromahighschoolinthe local area. Applicant must have at least a 2.7 cumulative grade pointaverage.

CompletetheFAFSA(FreeApplicationforFederalStudentAid).Thisapplicationisavailableonlineat If you are not able to complete the FAFSA due to a lack of a social security number attach a written notice of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) from the US Citizenship and Immigration Service.

On the FAFSA, Tennessee residents should list at least one Tennessee college or university in order tobe consideredforstateaid(i.e.TNStudentAssistanceAwardand/orTNEducationLotteryScholarshipProgram).If awardedthisscholarship,youarenotrequiredtoattendaTennesseecollegeoruniversity.

Complete and submit the application along with ALL required supplemental materials (see page 3for supplemental material requirements). A late and/or incomplete application packet will not beconsidered.


TheFoundationreservestherighttoreviewtranscriptsofeachrecipient’sgrades periodically and to determine the renewal of any scholarship based on such information.


Contact Cathy Barrett, atthe CommunityFoundationofCleveland and Bradley County at .


TheCommunityFoundationof Cleveland and Bradley County, P.O. Box 4474, Cleveland, TN 37320

Ocoee Foundation Scholarship

Afundof the CommunityFoundation of Cleveland and Bradley County


Student’s FullName:
Phone: Email:
Date ofBirth: / Social SecurityNumber:
U. S. Citizen: YesNo / Gender:MaleFemale / Race:
Parent /Guardian’sName:
Siblings’Names / Age / School / Grade


ContactName: / Relationship toapplicant: / Phone:


High School currentlyattending: / GraduationDate: / Current cumulativeGPA:

COMMUNITY SERVICE-Listcommunity serviceactivities during your fouryears of high school.

COLLEGEPLANS-Listname(s)ofregionallyaccredited,non-proprietary,technical,communityorfouryearcolleges/universities to which you have applied or beenaccepted.

TheCommunityFoundationof Cleveland and Bradley County, P.O. Box 4474, Cleveland, TN 37320


ArethereanyextenuatingcircumstancesthattheSelectionCommitteeshouldbeawareofwhenreviewingyour application, such as an illness or loss of job, which affects your family’s financial situation? If so, pleasedescribe on a separatesheet.


Attachatypedessayuptotwopageslong,whichincludes:(1)abriefbiographicalsketch,(2)adescriptionofan experience inyourlife thathasdeeplyinfluencedyou,and(3)adescriptionofyourgoalsforthe futureandhow you plan to achieve those goals. Student’s full name must be on each page of theessay.


Attachoneletterofrecommendationfromateacher,counselororprincipalwhoknowsyouracademicability, work ethic and/or character well. Letter must be typed and on the school’sletterhead.


Attachanofficialhighschooltranscript,whichshowsyourcumulativegradepointaverage(GPA)todate,your current class rank (if applicable), and your SAT and/or ACT testscores.


AllapplicantsshouldcompleteandsubmittheFreeApplicationforFederalStudentAid(FAFSA)assoonaspossible. The FAFSA application, along with complete instructions, is available online at Onthe FAFSA,ifyouareaTennesseeresident,youmustlistatleastoneTennesseecollegeoruniversityinordertobe consideredforstateaid(i.e.TNStudentAssistanceAwardand/orTNEducationLotteryScholarshipProgram).If awardedthisscholarship,youarenotrequiredtoattendaTennesseecollegeoruniversity.

Applicants also must submit a complete copy of the Student Aid Report (SAR) to the CommunityFoundation immediately after it is received from FAFSA. Applicants who do not file a FAFSA and include a complete copyof the SAR with the application packet to the Foundation will not be considered for a CommunityFoundation scholarship. Also contact colleges to which you are applying to see if they require you to completeadditional financial aidforms.

If you are not able to complete the FAFSA due to a lack of a social security number attach a written notice of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) from the US Citizenship and Immigration Service.

Please check to confirm that your application packet iscomplete:

Application is completely filledoutOfficial high school transcript is enclosed

Letter of recommendation isenclosedStudent Aid Report (SAR) is enclosed

Essay isenclosed



We affirm that the information provided on this application is accurate to the best of our knowledge. We understandthatmisrepresentationsmayconstitutefraud,whichmayresultinthelossofeligibilityforthisscholarshiporhaveotherlegalconsequences. We give permission for the Selection Committee of the Community Foundation to review studenttranscripts,test scores, and other pertinentinformation.

Student’sSignatureDateParent or Guardian’sSignatureDate