CPIC in Fedgov Datasheet

CPIC in Fedgov Datasheet

The CPIC Solution provides a single user interface where managers can go to enter, track, status, and review their investment portfolio. CPIC Central provides a central repository for all the information regarding an investment. Providing information for a GAO audit request then becomes easy. Managers are presented with a workspace that shows project progress, workflow steps, status, risks, and issues for their investments. After investments are entered and reviewed, the budget formulation process can begin.
Customer Challenges & Pain Points
  • Managers need to view the status of all their IT projects
  • Many tools on market, none that are integrated, so managers must use multiple interfaces to perform their tracking
  • Data gathering is a cumbersome process
  • Need to roll-up projects across organization, and in some cases, across organizations

Solution Benefits
  • Configurable for all agencies – Federal, Civil, and Defense
  • Varying levels of installation – from “light” for clients just starting, to “full” for more mature clients
  • Single user interface built on familiar tools, increases acceptance and reduces training
  • Integrated and streamlined data entry and gathering
  • Scheduling capability
  • Robust reporting engine
  • Investment Workspace shows all investment data at a glance
  • Data rollup capability
  • Provides immediate access to key data in one location
  • Collaborative environment
  • Easily maintained by in-house resources
  • Components are industry proven COTS tools
  • Easy third-part integration
  • Rapid deployment and customization

Target Customers
  • Decision-makers, especially management that makes budget decisions, CIOs, Project Managers, Portfolio Managers
  • Staff responsible for providing the status of projects
  • Staff responsible for OMB 300 submission

/ CPIC Central Features at a Glance
Feature / Benefit
CPIC Central
Investment Workspace / Provides the user with a single source for all the information needed to manage their investment portfolio
Single Data Repository / All data regarding an investment is stored in one location, cradle-to-grave data available for reporting and audits
Document Templates and Management / Knowledge repository for your staff
Graphical Indicators / At-a-glance viewing of health and status
Web-based / Web-based interface, no client software needed for users
CPIC Portfolio Center
Performance Tracking / Monitor the progress of the investments, tied into the CPIC Central and Project Server interfaces
Prioritization / Prioritize programs for analysis in the budget formulation process
Proper Alignment / Select investments that align with your business and strategic goals
CPIC Project Center
Integrated Scheduling / Enter, baseline and track the schedule for your investment
Resource Leveling / Maintain an enterprise resource pool for all your projects, then use CPIC Central to optimize resource assignments to priority projects
Earned Value / Track actual versus planned performance to spot projects that may be in trouble, and then work to correct them
CPIC Investments
Collaboration / Track documents, workflow, investment life, deliverables, risks, issues
OMB 300
Integrated and Streamlined Data Gathering / Standardized interface for gathering investment data eliminates double entry and supports initial validation
/ Talking Points
  • The CPIC Solution provides organizations with a robust, configurable tool
  • The solution can be built to fit the unique requirements of each agency / organization
  • Agencies that only need help with OMB 300 submission could opt for a light installation
  • Agencies that require enterprise-wide monitoring and tracking can install the full suite
  • The solution can be skinned to fit into any type of organization. US Federal, State & Local Government, Global National Government, Manufacturing, Finance, Healthcare, Insurance, Pharmaceutical and other Commercial vertical industries – the tool can be configured to support the appropriate process frameworks for each industry
  • Users are presented with a single interface where they can monitor all their investments – there is no need to jump from tool to tool to get the big picture
  • The interface is built on industry-proven tools that users are already familiar with; reducing training and deployment costs
  • Since the solution is built on Microsoft technologies and code-base, finding staff to maintain and modify the solution is easy
  • Workspaces provide a location to see all relevant data and for users to collaborate on and to support maintaining and monitoring of the investment throughout its lifecycle

Government Regulations
Office of Management and Budget
  • General Circulars
  • Circular A-11
  • Government Performance and Results (GPRA) Act of 1993
  • Paperwork Reduction (PRA) Act of 1995
Chief Information Officers Council
  • Clinger/Cohen Act
Library of Congress
  • Chief Financial Officers (CFO) Act of 1990
  • The Federal Acquisition Streamlining (FASA) Act of 1994

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Solution Experiences

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