Course Number/Name: ARCH 3010/Architectural Studio 1

Course Number/Name: ARCH 3010/Architectural Studio 1

Course Number/Name: ARCH 3010/Architectural Studio 1

Instructor and email address: Erin Carraher

Core Course Information


The intent of this course is to teach beginning students the principles of architectural design and the design process. Students will work through projects introducing both a depth and breadth of knowledge relative to design fundamentals through collaborative and individual hands-on projects. In this course, process is valued as highly as product for ideas and applications because it is critical to students’ development. This includes the ability to be self-critical, to cycle through multiple iterations of a design concept, to look to precedent and be able to adapt and adopt these into their own work.

At the end of the course, students are expected to have developed a more sophisticated understanding of the design process and the skillset needed to analyze, communicate, and develop architectural design proposals relative to a specific site and program.


Class attendance is required for all studio sessions as well as for a number of college-wide events that will be included in the course syllagus. You will be required to come prepared to each course with the required work completed, proactively work toward the final reviews in ways that exceed the baseline requirements, actively participate in class discussions, fully commit to the process outlined in the studio projects, and challenge yourself and your pre-existing assumptions about what architectural practice is.

Grades will be determined both by the intermittent reviews and final outcome of your design projects as well as your participation, progress, and process in the overall course.


There will be two major projects in the course that will each have a series of specific deadlines as well as daily check-ins with your studio faculty. The current schedule for the major project reviews is as follows:

Project 1 Mid Review: 9/29

CEL Workshop: 9/11 – please note this workshop will take place from 1PM to 5PM

Project 1 Final Review: 10/20

Project 2 Mid Review: 11/10

Project 2 Final Review: 12/4 – please note final reviews are coordinated relative to a college-wide calendar. The final reviews for our studio will take place from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM on Monday, December 4th.

Additionally, the course will travel for a research field trip to Bluff, Utah from 12 PM Wednesday, August 30th through 6 PM Friday, September 1st. Details will be discussed on the first day of class.

I reserve the right to change these dates as we go through the course with reasonable notice to you. Some stages of the projects may, for example, take longer to cover than anticipated.