Comm Ct Cover Letter

Comm Ct Cover Letter

Dckt. No. M-00061972

Doc. 627047

August 23, 2006

Re:FCC Intercarrier Compensation –

Workshop and Solicitation of Comments on the Missoula Plan

Docket No. M-00061972

Dear Interested Member of the Public:

On August 23, 2006, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission entered an Order on the Missoula Plan recently submitted to the Federal Communications Commission (the Missoula Plan Order). The Missoula Plan proposes a substantial reform of Intercarrier compensation arrangements as part of the attempted reform of Intercarrier compensation at CC Docket No. 01-92.

The Commission has scheduled a public workshop and facilitated discussion for Monday, September 11, 2006 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 pm in Hearing Room 1 of theKeystoneBuilding. The KeystoneBuilding is located at 400 North Street, Commonwealth and North Streets in Harrisburg.

Interested participants must submit their respective written presentations and/or materials to the Commission no later than the close of business on Tuesday, September5, 2006. The presentation materials must also contain the name, mailing address, telephone number, and electronic email address of the contact person responsible.

All presentations or testimony must preferably be in Word format although Word Perfect or Adobe may be used as well. Each Commissioner’s office must receive two hard copies of any request and presentation. An electronic versionmust be provided to Administrative Law Judge Kandace Melillo at d Joseph Witmer, Esq. at in the Law Bureau. An electronic and hard copy of the presentation materials must also be filed with the Commission’s Secretary.

Interested participants may offer presentations that address interlinked effects of the Missoula Plan within Pennsylvania, arising from the following areas:

  1. Interstate Carrier Access Charges;
  2. Intrastate Carrier Access Charges;
  3. Federal universal service fund (USF) contributions and support payments;
  4. Pennsylvania USF contribution and support payments; and
  5. The setting of rates for intrastate regulated telecommunications services under the Chapter 30 law, 66 Pa.C.S. §§3011-3019.

In addition, interested participants may offer comment on how the Missoula Plan parameters may affect existing interconnection agreements and agreements between competing telecommunications carriers within the Commonwealth. Presenters should include non-proprietary quantitative data and examples where appropriate.

The proceedings of this Commission-sponsored workshop and facilitated discussion on the Missoula Plan will be presided over by an Administrative Law Judge of the Commission’s Office of the Administrative Law Judge. These proceedings will be transcribed.

Staff may make inquiries of the presenters or their materials. There will be no rebuttal or cross-examination by presenters of any other presenter’s materials or presentations.

Any questions regarding the workshop should be directed to ALJ Kandace Mellilo at (717) 787-3788 or Joe Witmer, Esq. in the Law Bureau at 717-787-3663.


James J. McNulty,


Doc. 627047